How to get rid of getting fire in hot summer

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1, adjust diet

Eat more fresh green leafy vegetables, radish, carrots and a variety of fruits, eat more bean burd products, lean meat, animal livers and other rich vitamin B food to prevent the lack of riboflavin.

2, face clean and moisture

After dinner, you need to wash face and clean your mouth corner. In cold and dry weather, you should often spread some skin care cream, when your mouth corner, and spread some petroleum jelly, cod liver oil or grease sex skin cream. You must not spread glycerin, because it has the effect of the dehydration, so your skin will be drier.

3, often drink boiled water.

Keeping the habit of often drinking boiled water, which could improve our body function and increase our skin’s moisture degree. If you only drink water when you feel thirsty, which will lead to the lack of water inside your body.

4, actively treat the disease of excessive salivate, and correct the bad habit of lick on lip.

If your mouth corner has already bleed, first you need to wipe it with warm water or salty water, after it is dry, spread some antibiotic ointment, such as chlortetracycline eye ointment, or use the cod liver oil riboflavin paste, and eat oral riboflavin. At the same time, eat some vitamin B2, vitamin C, and use aureomycin ointment and so on Meizitang Strong Version




Correct wrong weight loss understandings

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You can not eat food after 8 o’clock, eating negative calories food, drink sugar-free drinks. These concepts we have heard before. Today I will tell you that those concepts are not correct, you can still eat things after 8 PM, there are no negative food in the world, you can reduce weight in a correct way by using the right weight loss concepts, then you will get into weight loss misunderstandings.


1, You can still eat things after 8 PM

In fact, it does not matter when to eat food at night. The real influence to your body is what food you eat today. What is the heat contents of food? Have you taken exercises? This is the key point of gaining weight, remaining weight and reducing weight. No matter what time you eat food, your body will store the excess calories and turn it into fat. Therefore, if you want to eat some snacks before sleep. You have to calculate how much calories you have eaten.

2, Going on a diet can really do a help to reduce weight.

In recent years, there are a lot of saying that there is no use on going on a diet. Many health experts, scientists, and beauty consultants say that various weight loss in fact do no help on reducing weight. But the essence of the problem is that if your weight loss method is not completely meet your diet habits. You must find a suitable diet which you can insist on. For instance, if you have already got used to eating a hamburger at lunch, then you can not insist on only eating low-calorie food. Many people do not like to calculate calories, then just remember some weight loss rule, eat less or no carbohydrate. Some people like olive oil very much, olive oil is their weight loss method. They not only can eat olive oil, but also can help keep slim body figure. In short, if you really want to lose weight, you must choose a set suitable life habit, and insist on it.

3, There is no negative calorie food.

You may have heard thus sayings that some food is hard to digest, so your body will spend some heat to consume thus food, which will make you thinner. Thus food is called negative calories food, citrus fruits, celery and crude fiber vegetables are saw as the typical negative food. But in fact, there is no negative calories food. The truth is the heat you consume by eating celery is the same as see the grass at spare time. After a day's weight loss trip, when you are staying on bed and recalling the calories yu consume in a day. And if you want to get a better toxin expelling effect, you can have a try on Lida, which is one of the best weight loss products in the world. You can get a better slimming effect by eating it. Because it can help you increase the metabolism and blood circulation. At the same time, it can help you to control your appetite.


Some tips for men to apply face masks

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In fact, men have more face problems than women. It is not enough to only use ordinary skin care products, especially we need the care the face mask. Let’s customize the face masks for yourself.

First, cleaning face is one of the most important points

Because most man’s face skin has the characteristics of grease, so we must choose face mask after we completely clean our face. And when we are choosing face masks, we need to get clear of our skin quality, which could avoid spawns pimples and acne.

Secondly, dead skin is also the enemy for men

We need to remove cutin every 2 weeks or a month before applying face masks. After removing cutin, our skin will be finer, and we can have a better absorption on the nutrition in the face mask.

Again, in the aspect of using the face mask, men can adjust it according to your own skin situation. At the beginning of using face mask, we need to focus on taking care, you had better apply it for 15-30 minutes. After a period of rehabilitation, men will obviously feel the improvement of your skin condition, and we do not have the situation of too much grease. We can change into one time in two weeks.

Finally, course skin does not mean that we have stronger resistance ability.

Some men own course skin, however, in fact, their skin belong to sensitive type. If you can not choose the masks which are suitable to your skin, it will cause skin allergy.      Such men had better choose natural products under the guidance of a doctor, such as yogurt and honey.




How to get the best health effect by eating walnut

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Guide language, walnut is good food for health

The phospholipids in walnut could play an important role on brain nerve. And there are  unsaturated fatty acids in walnut oil, which could play an important role on treating atherosclerosis.


Walnuts contain zinc, manganese, chromium and other microelements, which are extremely important to our body. Walnut also has obvious treatment effect on cough and asthma. If you want to have a smart baby, you could consciously eat more walnuts during pregnancy period. Some pregnant women would eat 10-20 walnuts everyday. But there are very high fat contents in the walnuts, eating too much will make you fatter and affects the normal blood sugar, blood fat and blood pressure. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the following points when we are eating them.

1. We must eat right amount of it, and eat walnuts for a long time

The fat in walnuts will do a good to clean cholesterol, but fat itself contains high heat, so if you eat too much, and it can not be fully used, then it will be stored as the form of cholesterol, so we wll get the bad result. Generally speaking, if we eat 4-5 walnuts everyday, and reduce other fat taking, we could avoid taking too much heat.

2. The people who are not suitable to eat walnuts

Walnut contains rich fat, if you eating too much, it is easy to get on fire and nausea. So the people who are on fire and have diarrhea should not eat walnuts. And if you want to get a better toxin expelling effect, you can have a try on Super Slim Diet Pills, which is one of the best weight loss products in the world. You can get a better slimming effect by eating it. Because it can help you increase the metabolism and blood circulation. At the same time, it can help you to control your appetite.