How to get the best health effect by eating walnut

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Guide language, walnut is good food for health

The phospholipids in walnut could play an important role on brain nerve. And there are  unsaturated fatty acids in walnut oil, which could play an important role on treating atherosclerosis.


Walnuts contain zinc, manganese, chromium and other microelements, which are extremely important to our body. Walnut also has obvious treatment effect on cough and asthma. If you want to have a smart baby, you could consciously eat more walnuts during pregnancy period. Some pregnant women would eat 10-20 walnuts everyday. But there are very high fat contents in the walnuts, eating too much will make you fatter and affects the normal blood sugar, blood fat and blood pressure. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the following points when we are eating them.

1. We must eat right amount of it, and eat walnuts for a long time

The fat in walnuts will do a good to clean cholesterol, but fat itself contains high heat, so if you eat too much, and it can not be fully used, then it will be stored as the form of cholesterol, so we wll get the bad result. Generally speaking, if we eat 4-5 walnuts everyday, and reduce other fat taking, we could avoid taking too much heat.

2. The people who are not suitable to eat walnuts

Walnut contains rich fat, if you eating too much, it is easy to get on fire and nausea. So the people who are on fire and have diarrhea should not eat walnuts. And if you want to get a better toxin expelling effect, you can have a try on Super Slim Diet Pills, which is one of the best weight loss products in the world. You can get a better slimming effect by eating it. Because it can help you increase the metabolism and blood circulation. At the same time, it can help you to control your appetite.