Some tips for men to apply face masks

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In fact, men have more face problems than women. It is not enough to only use ordinary skin care products, especially we need the care the face mask. Let’s customize the face masks for yourself.

First, cleaning face is one of the most important points

Because most man’s face skin has the characteristics of grease, so we must choose face mask after we completely clean our face. And when we are choosing face masks, we need to get clear of our skin quality, which could avoid spawns pimples and acne.

Secondly, dead skin is also the enemy for men

We need to remove cutin every 2 weeks or a month before applying face masks. After removing cutin, our skin will be finer, and we can have a better absorption on the nutrition in the face mask.

Again, in the aspect of using the face mask, men can adjust it according to your own skin situation. At the beginning of using face mask, we need to focus on taking care, you had better apply it for 15-30 minutes. After a period of rehabilitation, men will obviously feel the improvement of your skin condition, and we do not have the situation of too much grease. We can change into one time in two weeks.

Finally, course skin does not mean that we have stronger resistance ability.

Some men own course skin, however, in fact, their skin belong to sensitive type. If you can not choose the masks which are suitable to your skin, it will cause skin allergy.      Such men had better choose natural products under the guidance of a doctor, such as yogurt and honey.