The methods of promoting metabolism and burning fat

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1, some snacks before sleep

We are not kidding. In fact, eating something before sleep could stimulate your metabolism. Low blood sugar would lower your physical ability and metabolism. So you should eat some snack before sleep to maintain the normal metabolism and help you to burn fat. You must choose healthy food, one or two whole-grain crackers, etc. But not junk food.


2, Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise play an important role in maintaining the metabolism. In an study, the researchers find that they consume 190 calories in 14 minutes. Appalachian state university professor think that 2-3 times of aerobic exercises could help you to consume more fat and reduce weight.


3, release pressure

Pressure not only can make you feel crazy, but also it will lower your metabolism. The culprit is the stress hormone cortisol: when it is in too high level, it will inhibit your body burning ability. You can use several minutes to do deep breathe to maintain your metabolism rate. Keeping healthy is one of the most important thing in our life, however, for women, keeping slim is one of another important things in the whole life. If you want to keep slim, you can have a try on Lida, it is one of the best slimming products in the world. It could help us to reduce weight healthily, it could increase our metabolism and control our appetite.