Three functions of kidney

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In western medicine opinion, there are no sayings of adding kidney and care kidney. However, no matter western medicine or traditional Chinese medicine, both of they have the common sense that we can not do the behaviour of hurting kidney.

Kidney is located in our waist, and there are three basic functions for kidney, metabolize the wastes, keep inside water, secret some hormones. Kidney is like a waste plant in our body, usually the materials after body’s absorption will be filtered by kidney and expel outside, the kidney will metabolize the materials

Keep the balance of inside water, electrolyte and acid-base. Usually we drink more water, we will urine more, we drink less water, we will urine less. We keep the balance of our inside environment by the kidney/ if you drink common amount of water, but you urine less, and you have the troubles of edema. You need to check your kidney health.

Electrolytes such as potassium, sodium are also metabolized by the kidney, if you eat food which contain too much salt, then it will increase the burden of kidney.

The secretion ability of kidney is by secreting renin and prostaglandins to adjust the blood pressure. Erythropoietin secretion could stimulate bone marrow hematopoiesis. Therefore, if your blood pressure is not normal, or have the symptoms of anemia, you need to check whether it caused by the kidney troubles.

Is there some relationship between renal function and sexual function. A lot of men go to the hospital to consult whether there are something wrong on their kidney because of impotence.

In western medicine opinions, there is no direct relationship between both.

And the clinical experiences, there are many kinds of kidney diseases. No matter original kidney disease or other disease which affect our kidney, usually there is uncertain reasons, and there is no apparent differences between women and men, such as uremia.

Especially the kidney disease caused by other system disease, disordered immune system disease will affect kidney health, at the same time, the expression of kidney disease will be showed as high blood pressure and anemia. But poor function does not mean that your kidney function is abnormal, there is no relationship between two.

But other systems ultimately affect the kidney disease, this often manifests itself in the body immune function disorder, however, which will affect sexual ability.