Some thin leg details and relieve the edema

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Reducing edema on legs is the dream for every girl. For weight loss on legs, the key point is to tell what kind of obesity you are. If your lower part is belong to the edema type, do not worry about it, because the edema type is easy to be solved.


Tip 01, body points

You can use wood hammer or health hammer to tap the accumulated fat on legs. The acupuncture point which is helpful to obesity is the Feng Long point inside our legs, Feng Long point is the point which reflect the obesity. Stimulate this point will have the function of reducing appetite and inhibit the feeling of hunger. So, we can get the effect of diet by stimulating the acupuncture point. The stimulation method, one is to use thumb and forefinger nails to pinch points again and again. You had better do it before meal. And after meals, you can eat some lida daidaihua slimming capsule to have better losing weight effect. Also I will introduce a good slimming product to you, that is Lida. It is the drug which could help you to reduce weight in a short time. Because it could help you to increase the metabolism rate and blood circulation.

Tip 02, Feet bath

Every day soak your feet after a bath is a simple and effective method to deal with the edema. Don't think that the edema leg should stay away from water, edema legs should be solved by water. The feet bath can promote the legs' blood circulation and prevent blood blocking impassability, and can promote the fat burning. If you feel monotonous, you can add rose petals to the water, when you are soaking the feet, try to relax yourself, especially for the lady who need to work in the day, you can use this time to relax your legs. Insist to take feet bath every day, you will soon see the effect. In addition, taking feet bath can increase the resistance and prevent a cold.

Tip03, Massage during the bath

When you are taking a bath, when there are a lot of bubbles, do the massage on the legs help reduce the elephant legs. Do the line massage from the leg root 30 times, then do the spiral massage 30 times, leg massage must be from top to down, from the foot to the knee, first do line massage 30 times, then do spiral massage 30 times, thigh massage can be done before sleeping, for places with the accumulated fat we can repeat massaging.


How to protect the uterus

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1, often do the uterus gymnastics to get rid of dysmenorrhea   

Medical experts say that 40% of dysmenorrhea is caused by immature endometrial development. And female medical expert Lucy invented a uterus gymnastics, according to the study, this set of uterus gymnastics can exercise, ripening uterine contraction force. Uterine gymnastics practice, naturally apart your kness, knees on bed, keep straight of your waist, and try to make your chest to the bed for 5 minutes. Then lie down on the bed, and do the belly and hip sghrinking movement, and try to keep for long time in the air, have the feeling that your uterus is shrinking with your body. Do it three times a week, and keep on for 2 months, which could effectively relieve the troubles of menstruation pains symptoms.

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2. For OL workers, don't sit too long   

Compare with the housewives, OL workers are easier to get the trouble of endometriosis. And the experts explain that most OL workers will sit on the seat for more than 6 hours without exercises, which will lead to the unsmooth gas and blood, and lead to blood circulation obstacle, cause endometrial tissue, form endometriosis. So, for the OL workers, if you sit for 2 hours, you should stand up and have a walk to change the unsmooth of blood and gas. And for OL work, there is one other task, that is weight loss. Nearly every woman wants to keep slimming body figure to keep sexy. Lida is the product which could help you to realise the dream. It could control our appetite and increase the metabolism.

3, Rose essential oil massage

According to the study, massage with rose essential oil, and the effective composition could care the uterus. Rose essential oil massage method, two drops on hands, rub lightly until it is war, use palm to touch down, and massage the belly several times. Finally, use your palm to light massage your waist for 2 minutes until it is warm.

4, Keep warm on the uterus

The uterus is very afraid of the cold, we must pay attention to keep warm for it. In South Korea, most unmarried women would be taken to see the Chinese medicine to prevent the cold uterus. "Cold uterus" is most likely to occur in the menstrual period. And the expert suggest us that you had better not eat cold food, you have better to make your body to sweat to prevent the cold uterus.


Do not believe in the weight loss shortcuts

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Nowadays it is the age of taking slimming as beauty, and reducing weight is the aim for many people, on the market, there are all kinds of weight loss rumer. And reducing weight becomes more difficult. Next, the experts will help us to tell the rumor if weight loss.

Rumors 1, popular diet can not help us to reduce weight without rebound

Popular diets usually make sure to reduce weight in a very short period, and tell you to make several food in your diet. And you can not eat other food. At the beginning, you may find that you are thinner. But, thus serious and strict diet, common people can not insist on. Most people will forget it after some time. The result is that the reduced fat will come back. And the popular diets are not so healthy, because thus diet can not provide the nutrition which is needed by us. Moreover, too fast weight loss effect will cause other diseases. Some weight loss diet can not provide enough heat for our activities. Even cause abnormal heart rate.

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Suggestion, the research show us that we had better use healthy diet match, eat right amount of food, take exercises every day, then you could reach the weight loss effect. Moreover, a healthy diet and exercise habits can reduce risk of diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Keeping exercises and eating healthy food are the right way of reducing weight. Also you can eat some lida daidaihua, it is the drug which could help you to reduce weight effectively and smoothy. Because it has the effect of increasing blood circulation and metabolism rate.

Rumor 2: high protein and low carbohydrate diet are a healthy weight loss method.

The truth, nowadays high protein diet effect is uncertain. You may have more risks of getting heart disease because of getting in too much fat and cholesterol. You also will have the constipation because of inadequate fruits, vegetables and grain. Use the weight loss diet of high protein and low carbohydrate will make you to feel sick, tired and weak. If you take in less carbohydrate, it will cause the accumulation of blood ketone body.

The ketone is the middle product of fat metabolism.

Ketone will accumulate in our blood and produce a large amount of uric acid, and increase the risks of kidney stones. For pregnant women and diabetes patients, it is extremely dangerous. If you want to make an adjustment on your diet plan, you must ask for the doctor first.



The methods to protect ovarian

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Though it is hard to delay the ovarian aging. We could correct the wrong life habits to reduce the possibility of ovarian aging. Everyone wants to own healthy body. However, for the over weight people, controlling weight is the most important task. Lida daidaihua is the drug which could help everyone to control the appetite. Also it could also help us to increase the metabolism rate and blood circulation. Soon you will be thinner.

Keep the balance of nutrition

Adequate nutrition is the basic guarantee of the normal physiological function. However, some people want to pursuit slim body figure, they do not eat some food. Malnutrition will lead to endocrine disorder, and cause ovarian function decline. In daily life, women should pay attention to eat a balanced diet, take in adequate protein, eat more fish and shrimp, bean products. Also we need to pay special attention to take in more vegetables and fruits.

Do not stay up late

For modern women, staying up late will bring direct bad results to us, also it will cause the disorder of neuroendocrine system, and make a hormone imbalance. If you stay up late for a long time, it will also affect the ovarian function.

Proper exercises,

Proper physical exercise is the important way to maintain active body. Owning good body figure could do a help to improve our immunity, promote metabolism rate and blood circulation, maintain the coordination of all organs and system ability, then you can fight against the destroy of all kinds of diseases.

Keep optimistic state of mind,   

The opinions from the modern medical studies, psychological status has a great effect on the health. When you are in the situation of anxiety, fear, strain and stress, such psychological status will be reflected in the nervous system, cause the endocrine disorder, which will include the ovarian.

Do the physical examination once a year

Ovarian function decline has no warning. Once you found that you have menelipsis, you should go to see the doctor at once.




The more we sleep, the tireder we are

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Guide language, we have already slept for 8 hours, why did we feel so tired? Those reasons may take away your deep sleep. Drink water before sleep, bad teeth and bad breathe. Those factors will affect our sleep quality. Sleep is one of the best method to relaxing resting. While, we have already slept for enough time. However, we still feel tired on the next morning.

Acid reflux.

If you can not sleep deep with bad smell, it may be caused by gastroesophageal reflux. Whether you have such situation, the acid reflux will make your body organs still keep working and affect sleep.

Advice, keeping eating food 2 hours before sleep will promote the secretion of gastric acid. Such as wine, chocolate, acid fruits and meat. Chew a piece of gum before sleep could help promote the secretion to neutralize stomach acid.     Everyone hopes to own healthy body, however, not everyone could realize this dream. Especially for the overweight people, the excess fat will affect their health. Lida is the product which could help us to reduce weight in a short time. It could effectively help us to control our appetite and increase the metabolism rate, as well as blood circulation.

Wake up at night.

Going to toilet at midnight, which is the common sleep killer. Under common situation, by the urine concentration, we can keep yourself without going to the toilet for 6-8 hours. However, old men have lost this function. Young people do as this, otherwise, we should consider whether you have the diseases of   nocturia, polyuriaor kidney disease, etc. Suggestion, do not drink water 3 hours before sleep including soup, juice and rich water fruits. And you should avoid coffee and tea, which will stimulate bladder;

Grind their teeth.

Many people don't know that bruxism will seriously affect the sleep quality.


Snoring and breathing with open mouth will affect our breathing situation. Then we will have less oxygen to rest and relax.

Suggestion, we could often practice breathing with nose, you can use saline spray gush nasal if necessary.


Several questions on male health

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1, big belly  

Waist and hip ratio (WHR) is a simple indicator of our health, the world health organization usually use it to measure whether you are healthy or not. It is really important to keep the right WHR for our health and longevity. According to many study, WHR has close relationship with cardiovascular morbidity. The standard waist-to-hip ratio should be that male is less than 0.8 and female is less than 0.7. According to the standards recommended by the American sports medicine institute in 1997, men’s WHR > 0.95 and women’s WHR is > 0.86 will have more risks to own cardiovascular diseases. Hint, we must stand up when we do the measuring.

2, does your balance ability OK?

Balance ability is really important in human being’s life, because it means the aging degree of human beings. Naturally drop down your hands and close to body sides, close your eyes, and stand with one foot, and judge the aging degree according to the swing degree.

Judging criteria, 9.9 seconds, the male physiological age was 30 ~ 35 years old, female physiology age is 40 ~ 49 years old;

8.4 seconds, Male physiological age is 40 ~ 49 years old, female physiological age was 50 ~ 59 years old;

7.4 seconds, Male physiological age was 50 ~ 59 years of age, female and physiological age of 60 ~ 69 years old;

3, do you have heavy breathe when you go upstairs   

Through climbing stairs, you could tell your physical strength and leg strength. If you can climb two steps once, and quickly climb to 5 floor, which means that your body situation is good. Climb to five floor step by step, and you do not have apparent asthma phenomenon, which means that your health situation is good. If you are breathless with the shortness of breath, which means that your body is weak.