Do not believe in the weight loss shortcuts

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Nowadays it is the age of taking slimming as beauty, and reducing weight is the aim for many people, on the market, there are all kinds of weight loss rumer. And reducing weight becomes more difficult. Next, the experts will help us to tell the rumor if weight loss.

Rumors 1, popular diet can not help us to reduce weight without rebound

Popular diets usually make sure to reduce weight in a very short period, and tell you to make several food in your diet. And you can not eat other food. At the beginning, you may find that you are thinner. But, thus serious and strict diet, common people can not insist on. Most people will forget it after some time. The result is that the reduced fat will come back. And the popular diets are not so healthy, because thus diet can not provide the nutrition which is needed by us. Moreover, too fast weight loss effect will cause other diseases. Some weight loss diet can not provide enough heat for our activities. Even cause abnormal heart rate.

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Suggestion, the research show us that we had better use healthy diet match, eat right amount of food, take exercises every day, then you could reach the weight loss effect. Moreover, a healthy diet and exercise habits can reduce risk of diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Keeping exercises and eating healthy food are the right way of reducing weight. Also you can eat some lida daidaihua, it is the drug which could help you to reduce weight effectively and smoothy. Because it has the effect of increasing blood circulation and metabolism rate.

Rumor 2: high protein and low carbohydrate diet are a healthy weight loss method.

The truth, nowadays high protein diet effect is uncertain. You may have more risks of getting heart disease because of getting in too much fat and cholesterol. You also will have the constipation because of inadequate fruits, vegetables and grain. Use the weight loss diet of high protein and low carbohydrate will make you to feel sick, tired and weak. If you take in less carbohydrate, it will cause the accumulation of blood ketone body.

The ketone is the middle product of fat metabolism.

Ketone will accumulate in our blood and produce a large amount of uric acid, and increase the risks of kidney stones. For pregnant women and diabetes patients, it is extremely dangerous. If you want to make an adjustment on your diet plan, you must ask for the doctor first.