How to protect the uterus

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1, often do the uterus gymnastics to get rid of dysmenorrhea   

Medical experts say that 40% of dysmenorrhea is caused by immature endometrial development. And female medical expert Lucy invented a uterus gymnastics, according to the study, this set of uterus gymnastics can exercise, ripening uterine contraction force. Uterine gymnastics practice, naturally apart your kness, knees on bed, keep straight of your waist, and try to make your chest to the bed for 5 minutes. Then lie down on the bed, and do the belly and hip sghrinking movement, and try to keep for long time in the air, have the feeling that your uterus is shrinking with your body. Do it three times a week, and keep on for 2 months, which could effectively relieve the troubles of menstruation pains symptoms.

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2. For OL workers, don't sit too long   

Compare with the housewives, OL workers are easier to get the trouble of endometriosis. And the experts explain that most OL workers will sit on the seat for more than 6 hours without exercises, which will lead to the unsmooth gas and blood, and lead to blood circulation obstacle, cause endometrial tissue, form endometriosis. So, for the OL workers, if you sit for 2 hours, you should stand up and have a walk to change the unsmooth of blood and gas. And for OL work, there is one other task, that is weight loss. Nearly every woman wants to keep slimming body figure to keep sexy. Lida is the product which could help you to realise the dream. It could control our appetite and increase the metabolism.

3, Rose essential oil massage

According to the study, massage with rose essential oil, and the effective composition could care the uterus. Rose essential oil massage method, two drops on hands, rub lightly until it is war, use palm to touch down, and massage the belly several times. Finally, use your palm to light massage your waist for 2 minutes until it is warm.

4, Keep warm on the uterus

The uterus is very afraid of the cold, we must pay attention to keep warm for it. In South Korea, most unmarried women would be taken to see the Chinese medicine to prevent the cold uterus. "Cold uterus" is most likely to occur in the menstrual period. And the expert suggest us that you had better not eat cold food, you have better to make your body to sweat to prevent the cold uterus.