Several questions on male health

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1, big belly  

Waist and hip ratio (WHR) is a simple indicator of our health, the world health organization usually use it to measure whether you are healthy or not. It is really important to keep the right WHR for our health and longevity. According to many study, WHR has close relationship with cardiovascular morbidity. The standard waist-to-hip ratio should be that male is less than 0.8 and female is less than 0.7. According to the standards recommended by the American sports medicine institute in 1997, men’s WHR > 0.95 and women’s WHR is > 0.86 will have more risks to own cardiovascular diseases. Hint, we must stand up when we do the measuring.

2, does your balance ability OK?

Balance ability is really important in human being’s life, because it means the aging degree of human beings. Naturally drop down your hands and close to body sides, close your eyes, and stand with one foot, and judge the aging degree according to the swing degree.

Judging criteria, 9.9 seconds, the male physiological age was 30 ~ 35 years old, female physiology age is 40 ~ 49 years old;

8.4 seconds, Male physiological age is 40 ~ 49 years old, female physiological age was 50 ~ 59 years old;

7.4 seconds, Male physiological age was 50 ~ 59 years of age, female and physiological age of 60 ~ 69 years old;

3, do you have heavy breathe when you go upstairs   

Through climbing stairs, you could tell your physical strength and leg strength. If you can climb two steps once, and quickly climb to 5 floor, which means that your body situation is good. Climb to five floor step by step, and you do not have apparent asthma phenomenon, which means that your health situation is good. If you are breathless with the shortness of breath, which means that your body is weak.