Some thin leg details and relieve the edema

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Reducing edema on legs is the dream for every girl. For weight loss on legs, the key point is to tell what kind of obesity you are. If your lower part is belong to the edema type, do not worry about it, because the edema type is easy to be solved.


Tip 01, body points

You can use wood hammer or health hammer to tap the accumulated fat on legs. The acupuncture point which is helpful to obesity is the Feng Long point inside our legs, Feng Long point is the point which reflect the obesity. Stimulate this point will have the function of reducing appetite and inhibit the feeling of hunger. So, we can get the effect of diet by stimulating the acupuncture point. The stimulation method, one is to use thumb and forefinger nails to pinch points again and again. You had better do it before meal. And after meals, you can eat some lida daidaihua slimming capsule to have better losing weight effect. Also I will introduce a good slimming product to you, that is Lida. It is the drug which could help you to reduce weight in a short time. Because it could help you to increase the metabolism rate and blood circulation.

Tip 02, Feet bath

Every day soak your feet after a bath is a simple and effective method to deal with the edema. Don't think that the edema leg should stay away from water, edema legs should be solved by water. The feet bath can promote the legs' blood circulation and prevent blood blocking impassability, and can promote the fat burning. If you feel monotonous, you can add rose petals to the water, when you are soaking the feet, try to relax yourself, especially for the lady who need to work in the day, you can use this time to relax your legs. Insist to take feet bath every day, you will soon see the effect. In addition, taking feet bath can increase the resistance and prevent a cold.

Tip03, Massage during the bath

When you are taking a bath, when there are a lot of bubbles, do the massage on the legs help reduce the elephant legs. Do the line massage from the leg root 30 times, then do the spiral massage 30 times, leg massage must be from top to down, from the foot to the knee, first do line massage 30 times, then do spiral massage 30 times, thigh massage can be done before sleeping, for places with the accumulated fat we can repeat massaging.