The more we sleep, the tireder we are

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Guide language, we have already slept for 8 hours, why did we feel so tired? Those reasons may take away your deep sleep. Drink water before sleep, bad teeth and bad breathe. Those factors will affect our sleep quality. Sleep is one of the best method to relaxing resting. While, we have already slept for enough time. However, we still feel tired on the next morning.

Acid reflux.

If you can not sleep deep with bad smell, it may be caused by gastroesophageal reflux. Whether you have such situation, the acid reflux will make your body organs still keep working and affect sleep.

Advice, keeping eating food 2 hours before sleep will promote the secretion of gastric acid. Such as wine, chocolate, acid fruits and meat. Chew a piece of gum before sleep could help promote the secretion to neutralize stomach acid.     Everyone hopes to own healthy body, however, not everyone could realize this dream. Especially for the overweight people, the excess fat will affect their health. Lida is the product which could help us to reduce weight in a short time. It could effectively help us to control our appetite and increase the metabolism rate, as well as blood circulation.

Wake up at night.

Going to toilet at midnight, which is the common sleep killer. Under common situation, by the urine concentration, we can keep yourself without going to the toilet for 6-8 hours. However, old men have lost this function. Young people do as this, otherwise, we should consider whether you have the diseases of   nocturia, polyuriaor kidney disease, etc. Suggestion, do not drink water 3 hours before sleep including soup, juice and rich water fruits. And you should avoid coffee and tea, which will stimulate bladder;

Grind their teeth.

Many people don't know that bruxism will seriously affect the sleep quality.


Snoring and breathing with open mouth will affect our breathing situation. Then we will have less oxygen to rest and relax.

Suggestion, we could often practice breathing with nose, you can use saline spray gush nasal if necessary.