In autumn, the fruits we should eat more

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Guide language, autumn is the good season to produce all kinds of fruits, what should we eat.

Grapes has strong anti-oxidation effect, fresh pear could nourish lung and stop cough, hawthorn open appetite, persimmon clear heat

When autumn comes, all kinds of attractive colorful fruits will show on the market.

They not only contain all kinds of nutrition materials which are needed by our body, also it has the effect of nourishing lung, caring Yin, moisturize dryness, so they are the best nourishing food in autumn.

Which fruit do you like most?

What to eat in autumn for the aim of health care

The king of antioxidant, grapes

Grapes have the effect of adding gas and blood, smooth channels, relieve edema, help urine. It is suitable to be eaten by the people who have the anemia, hypertension, oedema, neurasthenia, fatigue. Grape contains rich iron, so it is suitable for the people who have the troubles of weak body, so it is suitable for the children and women. Grape contains resveratrol, which is a powerful antioxidant, it could fight against aging and clear the free radicals, and it has a certain cure effect on the cardio-cerebrovascular diseases. If you have small appetite, you can add 20 g of grape into the milk and boil them together.

Experts reminds, grape is cold. The people who have weak spleen and stomach should not eat too much grapes. After eating grapes, you can not drink water at once, otherwise, it is easy to catch diarrhea; The people who have the diabetics cannot eat too much. Also you can have a try on paiyouji, it is the drug which could increase our metabolism rate and blood circulation.

Pear, nourishing lung

Pear is cold and a little acid, it has the effect of clearing heat, produce liquid, moisturize lung and relieve phlegm, so it is the best fruits of preventing autumn dryness. Pear can maintain the health status of the tissue, it could soften blood vessels.