The beauty effect of apples

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For women, it could do a help on beauty, it could also reduce weight. Usually there are 3 colors of apples. What should we pay attention?


Eating one apple a day, beauty care and detoxification

1, detoxification, organic acid and cellulose in apples, it could promote can promote bowel movements. Therefore, eating apples could promote defecation and treat dry stool.

2, reduce weight, there are a large amount of vitamin and malic acid, which can help the decomposition and prevent the obesity. For the people who have too much fat should eat more sour apples.

3, adding blood and keep beauty, often eating apples could increase hemoglobin, and it could make skin fine, white and red. Therefore, for the patients who have anemia should often eat apples to have a better treatment effect.

4, anti-aging, there are rich calcium and vitamin E in apples, also have urine effect and prevent aging.

3 kinds of color apples have different health care effect

Red apple, it could do a help on heart, improve memory ability, and keep the health of urinary system;

Green apple, it has the effect of caring liver and detoxification, fight against depression. And it is suitable for young people.

Green apple also can promote the growth of teeth and bones, and prevent bleeding gums.

Yellow apple, it could play an important role on eyes protection, the workers who often use computer should eat more. Also it could strengthen our immunity system, and do a help on cancer treatment.


Tip, do not eat apple nuclear

There is a small amount of harmful materials in apple nuclear, hydrocyanic acid. If a large amount of hydrocyanic acid accumulated inside, we will have the troubles of headache, dizzy and quick breathe. In fact, for women, if they want to get a better weight loss effect, you can eat some zi xiu tang, it is one of the best weight loss drugs, which could increase the metabolism and blood circulation.