The bad habits will make you fatter and fatter

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Guide language, all kinds of weight loss methods will fail if your life habits are bad. If you reduce weight blindly, you might as well find out the obesity reasons, and improve your life habits according to it.

Decayed teeth

Surprisingly, decayed teeth is the obesity reason. What is the relationship between the obesity and decayed teeth.

It is easy to become fatter, if you have the teeth problems. That is because you can not chew well. It is troublesome to chew if your teeth or jaw are unhealthy. You will prefer the soft food, and chew less and swallow fast.

For such people, the key point is to chew slowly. This method is slow down the eating speed to achieve the goal of reducing weight. The researchers analyzed that, after food entering our body, the body's blood sugar will rise, when the blood sugar arrive at a certain level, our brain will stop giving the full signal. If a man eating too fast, when the brain gives the stop, it is always because you eat too much.

Smile and open your heart

Don't always pull a long face, women want to smile to more beautiful. Women are beautiful when they are smiling rather than pulling a long face. Smile is not only a kind of life attitude, but also a kind of health preservation methods. Learn to think in different ways.

Walk for 45 minutes, you can lose 10 pounds in half an year

Adhere to walk 5 days in a week, one time every day, walk about 5 kilometers in 45 minutes each time, by doing this you can lose minus 10 pounds in 6 months. If you can walk 6.5 km in the 45 minutes, you weight will go down faster. Perhaps some people will say that they have no time to take a walk. In fact, we could squeeze time in our spare time. The cardiovascular doctors say you may increase appetite by using this kind of method. Therefore, before or after taking a walk, you can eat some low-fat food or fresh fruit, drink more water to supplement the moisture reduced because of sweat. If you are the certain girl who hate drinking water, you can have a try on 7 days herbal slim , it is the drug which could help us to reduce weight in a short time. Because it could increase the metabolism rate and blood circulation.