Good Mood

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Busy life, whether you feel fatigue, as the shadow follows the form feeling? Like constipation will damage the health and beauty, not quickly resolve angry and depressed heart accumulation, will let you battle force decreased, the people cast a shadow!
As long as the mood changes, things will change, for example: can be determined to do has been shilly-shally thing, good inspiration suddenly flow like water. Next,please open the TV off, try the following 10 kinds of purification methods!

1, deep breathing
Deep breathing can promote blood flow, let the body is full of vitality. After abdomen forcibly inspiratory, then exhale slowly. By the forces of the unconscious, to ease the pain
2, enjoy the moonlight bath
Is generally believed that the moon is the beginning of life,a physiological phenomenon, in fact, it is the best time of purification. On the night of the full moon, quietly enjoy a moonlight bath.
3, cleaning
Restroom and kitchen, most can see a person's habits. To clean up.
4, match the rhythm move
There is a feeling, like putting away excess material accumulation in the body. Jogging or brisk walking can be,or even just walking, kicking also can have the effect.
5. wearing shiny objects
The price is not important, as long as it is shiny jewelry,can make you feel instantly better