Misunderstanding of skin care

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Introduction: our skin is always with great care and maintenance, but the skin is not better, sometimes will feel the skin in the aging? Why? May be your skin appear wrong Oh, these bad habits will not hesitate to destroy skin, you'd better stay away from them.

The towel to wipe face
After cleansing the skin when we have a lot of water, so many people will directly with a towel to wipe the water droplets. Do you know this towel is so rough? And the towels are easily hidden bacteria Oh, bacteria on the towel once in contact with the skin, especially when the skin with inflammation or acne, easy to make skin inflammation.
So we generally do not recommend you use the towel to wipe face Oh, it is best to use clean hands pat the skin,which can promote the skin pores shrink, but also can speed up the evaporation of water on the face.
Late evening wash
Stay up all night we generally do not recommend you long time, if you really have to work overtime, it is best to clean the skin and then stay up all night. Don't wash your face until you break. Do not clean the skin not only will plug the pores, but will make the skin becomes dry and rough, it is difficult to retain moisture and luster.