Rose three magical: make women more beautiful

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Abstract: the rose is not only beautiful, but also has many advantages, how to correctly and effectively use? Below share several efficacy of rose .
Anti depression
Traditional Chinese medicine thinks, Rose's mild, with sedation, soothing, antidepression effect. Therefore, depressed friend might as well take a transparent glass, add 15 grams of roses, add boiling water, soak 5 minutes on behalf of the tea can be free to drink, with "rejuvenation" reputation rose tea will make you feel "cloudy to sunny". Of course, when drinking you can also according to personal taste with sugar or honey.
Treatment of climacteric syndrome
Available rose 3-5 grams, the Chinese angelica 30 grams fried juice delivery service or with warm boiling water delivery service.
Ease the pain
Dysmenorrhea attack also available fresh roses 200 grams, decoction, concentrated into a thin paste, spread on four gauze, while temperature hot compress to the umbilicus,adhesive tape fixed, change it once every day, can have a magical effect.