The day skin care points

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Introduction: our skin care during the day the focus is not the same Oh, don't wake up skin care to do well do not have to worry about what, in fact, morning, noon, evening skin care focus is not the same.
Nursing points: moisturizing
Because of this, so we recommend early morning cleansing with cleansing, which is beneficial to the skin to store water in order to achieve the moisturizing effect. Morning care skin with moisturizing, moisturizing essential basic steps, then is to do a good sunscreen ready, because your skin is about to usher in a day of challenge.
At noon
Nursing points: rest
Noon to skin care, the first is to strive for a rest at noon time, rest helps to relax the muscles, ease the skin tight state, achieve soothing effect.
In the evening time
Nursing points: cleaning and dredging
After going back home immediately clean, because you have brought up for a long time,even with makeup, makeup didn't take, but cosmetic dirt is part has been integrated into the pores, long-term will cause the pores become coarse pores , so after work the first time cleansing, keep pores smooth, so that the pores can be free breathing.