Electronic cigarette what's inside?

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The principle of the electronic cigarette looks like is very simple: your breath, will heat the liquid nicotine inside small battery, make it into steam, then inhaled by you. According to the different types and brands, a electronic cigarette can let you suction range of 250 to 400, and a real cigarette can only let you drag a dozen. The disposable electronic cigarette to $25 RMB per root, rechargeable electronic cigarettes are sold to more than 190 yuan.

Traditional tobacco contains more than 4000 chemicals, many of which are carcinogens (ammonia, arsenic and tar), something that is not electronic cigarettes. Nicotine of electronic cigarette, however, still can lead to some negative effect. Nicotine is a stimulant, can squeeze blood vessels and increase blood pressure, limiting blood flow to the heart, thus will lead to the airway problems, affect sleep rhythm, depression, diabetes and even certain cancers. In addition, it also can cause dizziness and irritability.

So, the problem is that most people are concerned about the content of nicotine in electronic cigarette. However, because has not been controlled and electronic smoke contains nicotine range from 1 to 100 mg, and ordinary only about 1 mg nicotine in cigarettes. Too much of nicotine can even be deadly.

The researchers of various components of the electronic cigarette (water, fragrance, propylene glycol) is also divided opinions. Propylene glycol is used in the manufacture of tobacco smoke chemicals that are used in food preservatives, is considered by the centers for disease control and prevention is "security". However, propylene glycol antifreeze and the composition of the condom, after the world health organization says it is inhaled irritating (lung remains to be seen whether damage).

There are also unknown chemicals in electronic cigarette. In 2009, the United States food and drug administration organization of a series of laboratory tests found that some electronic cigarette contains carcinogenic substances such as formaldehyde. Dr Addiction expert at the university of Pennsylvania state Jonathan Foulds said: "although concentration is very low, but we don't know the elder to use the risks to health."

Disturbingly, electronic cigarette company try to non-smokers, especially the youth market marketing. This "grab from baby" one of the strategy is a means of increasing the income of producers, many of them are big tobacco companies. Nicotine is addictive substances, after young people try electronic cigarettes, maybe when I grow up will start to suck the real cigarette.

The researchers estimate that so far, more than 1 million nonsmokers tried electronic cigarette. Most of the electronic cigarette smoke were itself is smokers, including those who want to quit smoking. Electronic cigarette is not the United States food and drug administration certification of smoking cessation tool, but still help get rid of the real part of smokers to tobacco. An electronic cigarette company, the survey found 70% of people smoking electronic after 3 months will no longer take real tobacco. Another survey found that after 6 months, only 7% of the people no longer take real tobacco.

Though the electronic cigarette is not perfect thing in the world, but if you are a smoker, not a broken cigarette, the much smaller than tobacco damage electronic cigarette also came to a choice. Only 7% chance of even allow you to completely get rid of tobacco, you can still reduce the inhalation of tens of thousands of toxins.eVic VT you can still reduce the inhalation of tens of thousands of toxins.


5% Off 100% Authentic EGO-T CE5 / CE6 E-cigarette Blister Kits

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Two Types of CL Atomizer Heads for Joyetech eGo ONE

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For Mouth inhale, mouth to lung inhale or direct lung inhale.1.8ml or 2.5ml, it's all for you to choose.

Optimum Match is 1.8ml eGo ONE Atomizer with 1100mha battery and 2.5ml eGo ONE XL Atomizer with 2200mha battery, if you do this, will surely build an amazing vaporing world.

So, you have two choices of battery, that is 1100mAh and 2200mAh. 1100mAh type is cute and exquisite which is convenient to carry; 2200mAh type can sustain longer performance.
And you have two choices of Mouthpieces, that is metal mouthpiece and organic glass mouthpiece, with thermal insulation, cater to personal preference.

Two Types of eGo ONE CL Atomizer Heads is eGo ONE CL 1.0ohm Head and eGo ONE CL 0.5ohm Head, so if you need, you need to choose suitable battery which matches eGo ONE sub coil.


Are you still smoking with tobacco?

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500,000 more people are using e-cigs

Nearly half a million people have switched smoking tobacco for Electronic Cigarettes in the last year as they try to kick the habit, research shows.

Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) said there are now 2.6 million vapers in Britain, up from 2.1 million in 2014, with nearly all of this increase attributable to a rise in the number of ex-smokers using electronic cigarettes.

The campaign group said the figures showed the “value” of e-cigarettes in helping smokers give up tobacco but also warned of a “worrying” increase in people falsely believing they are as harmful as or even more dangerous, with nearly a quarter (22%) believing this compared to 15% last year.

ASH said analysis by researchers at King’s College London shows that electronic cigarette use increased among ex-smokers from 4.5% in 2014 to 6.7% in 2015 but remained the same among current smokers at 17.6%.

Vaping remains extremely rare amongst people who have never smoked, with just 0.2% of users falling into this category over the last three years.

Smokers have ditched cigarettes for e-cigarettes

The most popular reason people gave for using e-cigarettes was to help them stop smoking completely (48%) and to prevent them from relapsing to smoking (38%).

The group said there has also been a change in popularity of the type of device used. While cigalikes, which resemble tobacco cigarettes and are either disposable or use replaceable cartridges were used by more than half (55%) of vapers last year, the tank model, which looks quite different from cigarettes and has containers that can be refilled with “e-liquid”, are now puffed on by two-thirds (66%) of e-cigarette users.

This can be seen as a positive thing as Tank E-cigarettes were found to be more effective at helping tobacco smokers to quit than cigalikes in a study carried out at King’s College London, which was published last month.

Recent research conducted in the United States also found that flavourings used in e-cigarettes contain potentially harmful high levels of chemicals, while a study of mice indicated that vaping may harm the lungs and immune system.

E-cigarettes are helping smokers quit

Deborah Arnott, chief executive of ASH, said: “The number of ex-smokers who are staying off tobacco by using electronic cigarettes is growing, showing just what value they can have.

“But the number of people who wrongly believe that vaping is as harmful as smoking is worrying.

“The growth of this false perception risks discouraging many smokers from using electronic cigarettes to quit and keep them smoking instead which would be bad for their health and the health of those around them.”

Dr Leonie Brose, of the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience at King’s College London, said: “We must clearly communicate the relative safety of electronic cigarettes to smokers.

“The proven harm of tobacco is currently getting less coverage than the much smaller and far less certain harm from electronic cigarettes. We owe it to smokers to provide them with accurate information.”


The most detailed content About Aspire Nautilus Tank Clearomizer

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The Aspire Nautilus uses the new Aspire BDC coil heads, it has a 5ml glass Pyrex tank and it has an air flow control mechanism adjustable with the lower ring with 4 settings to make it the best atomizer so far in 2014. The air flow control allows to control the draw as well as fine tune how much e-Liquid feeds into the coil head. All these features makes the Aspire Nautilus a truly special atomizer and provide the absolute best vaping experience possible at the moment. Because of its shape and size the Aspire Nautilus looks fantastic on a Mod or APV style battery.
First, let's to know the detail of Nautilus Tank

Size:  Φ15mm * 80.3mm
Capacity:  5ml
Weight:  Single Nautilus 50.5g, Nautilus kit Pack 141g
Available resistance:  1.6ohm (3.3v-5.0v), 1.8ohm (3.3v-6.0v)
Airflow size:  Ø0.9mm, Ø1.1mm, Ø1.4mm, Ø1.8mm
Glass tank color:  Clear

The Nautilus has an exclusive adjustable airflow design that is revolutionarily. With a simple turn of the lower ring, you have four options to adjust airflow to meet people’s different requirement for vaping. With the options of different size air-ports, it allows the user to produce big clouds of vapor, this a pure and clean taste.With the unique Nautilus four-port System, you can now adjust how hard or soft the draw is, how warm or cold the vapor is, and how much vapor is produced. The Nautilus is also very easy to install and refill.

Flexible Connector Design
Aspire Nautilus flexible connector design allows it to match any 510 thread batteries, it is a prominent breakthrough on the connecting technology.

1.Drip Tip
Stainless round drip tip with silicon rubber sealing ring, you can use any your favourite 510 drip tip with this device
2.Upper Hardware
Stainless steel polish knurling texture makes Nautilus have a nice appearance.
The pyrex glass tank has a unique thread design, there is very nice platinum silk printing logo and scale on it.
4.Replacement Atomizer
The BDC (bottom dual coils) Replacement atomizer is a unique design for nautilus,1.6ohm and 1.8ohm are available. The unique atomizer produces pure and clean taste with huge vapor.
5.Base Hardware
Stainless texture with knurling,special sealing O-ring design ensure a sealed conjuction, the valve ring con control the airflow to the most comfortable one for you. The bottom flexible connector design allows it to match any 510 threaded batteries.

Do you have any questions about Aspire Nautilus Tank? pay attention to us, or contact to us, you can get the answer@


How to adjust the smoke size of electronic cigarette

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Now is the era of electronic cigarettes,more and more Electronic cigarette players pursuit of the pleasure of large smoke.But still have some people don't know how to adjust the smoke size of Electronic Cigarette.Here you should know what determines the size of smoke of an electronic cigarette.

The Determinant of Electronic Cigarette smoke

1.The working wattage of Atomizer,and the output wattage of Electronic Cigarette Battery, what's kinds of atomizer match with which battery is very important,how to match it is the best? You can follow the guide recommended.

2.E juice,in general,the ingredients of E juice containing propylene glycol (VG), glycerol (glycerine PG).The more propylene glycol, the more dilute E juice, and the liquidity is good; then the glycerol is more, the E juice is more thick , the liquid flow worse. The general market of the largest electronic cigarette smoke is generally 8: 2 (PG: VG) ratio , which is a ratio of more recognized everyone.

3.Lead wick or Guide oil cotton (it is related to the quantity and the quality of lead wick)

4.Suction strength. Not suck the more fierce the better, the intensity of their own control.


The five principles of obesity prevention

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In normal life, as long as you slightly pay attention to the small details of life, obesity prevention will become very simple. The following five rules are helpful for you. To begin with, you should increase awareness, fully recognize the harm of obesity and change some traditional concepts. Have a good knowledge of obesity and prevention methods. In the second place, forming a good living law is necessary to avoid obesity. Experts suggest that the reasonable diet and nutrition should be bound together, which can satisfy the physiological needs and avoid the excess energy reserves. And sleeping time should be moderate. Adjust the sleep time according to different ages.

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In addition, put emphasis on the light diet. Eat some fruits. Don’t replace vegetables with fruits because they contain different nutrients. Keep better mood. Emotional tension can cause obesity. Participate in the activity. Exercise is beneficial to prevent obesity, Try to get more outdoors activities. Choose appropriate sports such as walking, jogging, mountain climbing, climb stairs, tai chi, etc according to the season, physical condition and age. What’s more, using  Fruta Planta Original is also a good option; this can effectively burn fat, invigorate blood circulation and speed up metabolism, which can prevent fat accumulation and obesity, and it can help improve your immunity and suppress your appetite, so you can stay slim as you expect it.


How to slim body faster?

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Honestly speaking, the small changes in your life can make a big  difference in your waistline, as long as you stick to the good eating habits and exercise plan, you can slim down as you expect, in addition, if you are tired of dieting and exercising, you can have a try on Jimpness Beauty Weight Loss Capsule, this can improve the fat position such as waist, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms and face with effects, and it can invigorate blood circulation and increase metabolism, you will become lightsome as you expect, and your weight won’t bounce back at all. Also the following measures that can be taken can help you slim body healthily and quickly.

Eat smaller meals and take multiple times every day. If you eat food until you are very hungry, you are probe to overeat. When you overeat, excess calories are stored as fat. Try to divide your meals into 5-6 times per day. Trick your body by eating a half-sandwich now, and then a half-sandwich 1-2 hours later. Also remember that even if always skip breakfast, having a small amount of food in the morning will decrease hunger at lunchtime.

In addition, don’t have dinner after eight thirty in the evening. Your metabolism goes through spikes during the day. But in the evening, your body begins to slow down as it knows sleep is just around the corner. Anything you eat after 8:30 p.m. will not have a chance of getting burned off – and it will be stored as fat. So if you really want to get rid of extra pounds, make sure that you limit your consumption in the evening to liquids, preferably water.

Drink water as much as possible. Drinking plenty of water is beneficial because it can increase satiety and help your suppress your appetite, thus cutting the calories intake and achieving the goal of body slimming. More importantly, proper hydration helps you to efficiently burn fat and dispose of the waste. This is critical while dieting. Aside from the multitude of health benefits for fiber, USDA studies have shown that fewer calories were absorbed with diet plans that included higher fiber content. If you combine the water with fivers, you will get unexpected body slimming effects.

Moreover, slimmer should take more exercise on the basis of using super slim and dieting, which can enhance metabolism and accelerate fat burning. Countless studies have proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that interval training burn the fat faster than keeping the same pace throughout the workout. And it can guarantee that you slim down healthily without weight rebound.