How to adjust the smoke size of electronic cigarette

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Now is the era of electronic cigarettes,more and more Electronic cigarette players pursuit of the pleasure of large smoke.But still have some people don't know how to adjust the smoke size of Electronic Cigarette.Here you should know what determines the size of smoke of an electronic cigarette.

The Determinant of Electronic Cigarette smoke

1.The working wattage of Atomizer,and the output wattage of Electronic Cigarette Battery, what's kinds of atomizer match with which battery is very important,how to match it is the best? You can follow the guide recommended.

2.E juice,in general,the ingredients of E juice containing propylene glycol (VG), glycerol (glycerine PG).The more propylene glycol, the more dilute E juice, and the liquidity is good; then the glycerol is more, the E juice is more thick , the liquid flow worse. The general market of the largest electronic cigarette smoke is generally 8: 2 (PG: VG) ratio , which is a ratio of more recognized everyone.

3.Lead wick or Guide oil cotton (it is related to the quantity and the quality of lead wick)

4.Suction strength. Not suck the more fierce the better, the intensity of their own control.