Electronic cigarette what's inside?

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The principle of the electronic cigarette looks like is very simple: your breath, will heat the liquid nicotine inside small battery, make it into steam, then inhaled by you. According to the different types and brands, a electronic cigarette can let you suction range of 250 to 400, and a real cigarette can only let you drag a dozen. The disposable electronic cigarette to $25 RMB per root, rechargeable electronic cigarettes are sold to more than 190 yuan.

Traditional tobacco contains more than 4000 chemicals, many of which are carcinogens (ammonia, arsenic and tar), something that is not electronic cigarettes. Nicotine of electronic cigarette, however, still can lead to some negative effect. Nicotine is a stimulant, can squeeze blood vessels and increase blood pressure, limiting blood flow to the heart, thus will lead to the airway problems, affect sleep rhythm, depression, diabetes and even certain cancers. In addition, it also can cause dizziness and irritability.

So, the problem is that most people are concerned about the content of nicotine in electronic cigarette. However, because has not been controlled and electronic smoke contains nicotine range from 1 to 100 mg, and ordinary only about 1 mg nicotine in cigarettes. Too much of nicotine can even be deadly.

The researchers of various components of the electronic cigarette (water, fragrance, propylene glycol) is also divided opinions. Propylene glycol is used in the manufacture of tobacco smoke chemicals that are used in food preservatives, is considered by the centers for disease control and prevention is "security". However, propylene glycol antifreeze and the composition of the condom, after the world health organization says it is inhaled irritating (lung remains to be seen whether damage).

There are also unknown chemicals in electronic cigarette. In 2009, the United States food and drug administration organization of a series of laboratory tests found that some electronic cigarette contains carcinogenic substances such as formaldehyde. Dr Addiction expert at the university of Pennsylvania state Jonathan Foulds said: "although concentration is very low, but we don't know the elder to use the risks to health."

Disturbingly, electronic cigarette company try to non-smokers, especially the youth market marketing. This "grab from baby" one of the strategy is a means of increasing the income of producers, many of them are big tobacco companies. Nicotine is addictive substances, after young people try electronic cigarettes, maybe when I grow up will start to suck the real cigarette.

The researchers estimate that so far, more than 1 million nonsmokers tried electronic cigarette. Most of the electronic cigarette smoke were itself is smokers, including those who want to quit smoking. Electronic cigarette is not the United States food and drug administration certification of smoking cessation tool, but still help get rid of the real part of smokers to tobacco. An electronic cigarette company, the survey found 70% of people smoking electronic after 3 months will no longer take real tobacco. Another survey found that after 6 months, only 7% of the people no longer take real tobacco.

Though the electronic cigarette is not perfect thing in the world, but if you are a smoker, not a broken cigarette, the much smaller than tobacco damage electronic cigarette also came to a choice. Only 7% chance of even allow you to completely get rid of tobacco, you can still reduce the inhalation of tens of thousands of toxins.eVic VT you can still reduce the inhalation of tens of thousands of toxins.