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Portable vaporizers really took off on the market after the Pax by Ploom changed the game. Now there is a new product pushing the market to new levels, the V2 Pro Series 7 Portable Vaporizer made by V2 Cigs. The V2 Pro Series 3 was the first product introduced in this line and gave V2 Cigs a good reputation vs. comparable models from other vendors. Now, I think it's safe to say the Series 7 is going to make a name for V2 Cigs in this market segment.
V2 Cigs started out as a cig-a-like e-cig company and has evolved into so much more with their latest product improvements. They came out with the EX series cig-a-like that changed the way we look at cig-a-likes, but they were still missing out on the most advanced e-cig users in the market. Now with the Series 7, they can serve and meet the needs of vapers everywhere. Of all the e-cigs I've used, this is a device like no other. While it may be comparable to mods for e-cigs, it does so much more by being a 3-in-1 vaporizer. This unit can handle wax/oils in one cartridge, dry herbs and tobacco in another, and e-liquid in yet another cartridge. So if you use 1, 2, or all 3 of those mediums, this is the device for you.

The Series 7 main unit is comprised of 2 pieces to make it operational: the cartridge and the main unit itself. The main unit has the battery built-in and features a magnetic charging port at the bottom. You won't need to line up chargers anymore, you simply put the charging cable near it and the magnet will snap it into place. Then while it's charging, the ring at the bottom of the unit will glow red to indicate that it is still charging, and will turn green once it's complete. After it turns green, you simply pull the cable off the unit and it's ready for use.

In the middle of the face of the unit, you'll see a button and 3 lights in a crescent shape below that button. This button activates the unit, but can also be used to change the temperature settings. Pressing it 2 times very quickly will cause the 3 crescent shaped lights below it to cycle and when it's at the setting you want, simply hit the power button again and it will be set to that level. The top heat setting is when all 3 lights are lit up and the lowest heat setting is when only the bottom light is lit up.

The last part of the main unit to cover is the top where you put the cartridges. There is a groove on one side that the cartridges will align with so you can't put it in backwards. The Series 7 comes in 3 different colors currently which are black, blue, and steel.

There are 3 cartridges you can get with this unit: the liquid cartridge, the loose leaf cartridge, and the wax/oil cartridge. Each one works in its own way and the ring at the bottom of the cartridge will tell the Series 7 what cartridge you have installed and begin the heating process accordingly. You will receive two cartridges with your Series 7 purchase which are the liquid cartridge and the loose leaf cartridge. You can order the oil/wax cartridge separately if you want to use that medium, making it a true 3-in-1 vaporizer.

Since our site is geared towards electronic cigarettes first and foremost, we'll start with the liquid cartridge. This cartridge is quite impressive in the fact that it can hold 2.5ml of e-liquid, which lasts up to 1200 puffs depending on how you vape. It also matters what voltage you set the unit to in order to determine how many puffs you'll get. If you have the voltage set at 3.7V, you will get more puffs, but if it's at 4.7V, you'll get larger clouds of vapor, but less puffs because of the increased consumption of the e-liquid. The nice part about having the 3 voltage settings is that you can find the one that fits your vaping requirements best, without being too harsh for you. The V2 Cigs Series 7 also includes a safety feature that works by having a 10 second cutoff time on e-liquid per puff to protect you from overdoing it on your nicotine intake. The vapor production on this unit is superb. I tend to vape at the middle setting of 4.2V, and got a nice strong throat hit with solid vapor production. I would turn it up to 4.7V from time to time just to see how much vapor I could get out of this unit and was pleasantly surprised. The best part for me is the pure taste of the liquid using the Series 7. One other feature to mention on this cartridge before moving on is that it has a clear window to know the level of your e-liquid, making it easier to refill, which comes in handy!

Some of you may have been waiting for this part – the loose leaf cartridge is our favorite part of the unit. While we haven't tried the Pax 2, we have extensively used the original Pax. In our minds, that was the best loose leaf vaporizer on the market, until we used the Series 7. It addresses so many issues we had with the Pax, while bringing the ease of use we loved with the Pax. Since the mouthpiece is fixed on this unit, you won't have to worry about it getting stuck or not being able to turn it on like many people ran into with the Pax. Also, the oven (which is close to the size of the Pax oven) is located at the top of the unit rather than the bottom like the Pax. Since it's a cartridge too, you don't have to worry about holding the whole unit trying to fill it up. Instead, you just take the cartridge out, fill it up, put the top back on, and you're ready to vape. This cartridge uses continuous heat, so you just hold the power button until it turns on then the LED ring at the bottom will go from red, to yellow, to green to indicate it's ready for use. You'll get nice clouds of vapor from this unit (better than the Pax in our opinion) and it will run for a 2 minute cycle before shutting off. You can always run it again if you want, but we find the single cycle uses up most the material you put in the cartridge at the higher settings. The loose leaf cartridge brings mouthful after mouthful of vapor that you are sure to be satisfied with.

The last cartridge isn't quite released yet, so we can only offer information rather than how it performed. It's expected to be out sometime later this year and is capable of vaporizing wax, gel, and similar concentrates. This cartridge will most likely benefit the most from variable temperature settings since the medium that is used in here could have very different consistencies and some would require more heat while others would need to be set lower to prevent waste. So be sure when you do try this out that you start on a lower setting and work your way up.

In conclusion, the V2 Pro Series 7 by V2 Cigs is one of the best vaporizers on the market today because of its versatility, vapor production (regardless of the medium), and great affordability. While the Pax was dropped to $200 with the launch of the Pax 2, we can't really see a reason why you would get the Pax over the Series 7 which is priced at $149.99. This is especially a no-brainer if you want to use e-liquid and also loose leaf without having to own two devices. Even if you use this only for one medium, it's well worth the cost because of the performance. Let us know what you think of the Series 7 in the comments below.


How about White Cloud E-cig

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White Cloud's e-cig produces billowing plumes of white mist, reminiscent of the cirrus clouds which give the batteries their name. We wish they offered manual batteries and a couple more nicotine levels, but there are no serious criticisms of this e-cig at all.


    SmoothDraw and StealthDraw technology on cartridges
    High vapor production
    Long battery life (Cirrus 3x)
    4-step battery quality control
    3-step cartridge quality control
    Shotgun tips
    Squid charger technology
    Plenty of nicotine levels, with strong options for heavy smokers


    No manual battery options
    Large gaps between nicotine levels – not great for gradual reduction

Bottom Line
Complaining about the White Cloud e-cig is pretty much redundant. It could use the option of manual batteries and some additional nicotine levels for people looking to reduce their consumption, but other than that it's virtually flawless. It offers excellent vapor production, strong cartridges, delicious flavors and long-lasting batteries.

Electronic cigarettes have a pretty challenging role to play. To get die-hard smokers to ditch the tar and the barrage of chemicals in tobacco cigarettes, an e-cig needs to offer ample vapor production, a strong throat hit and plenty of the nicotine they crave. White Cloud Cigarettes is one of the leading brands of e-cigarette, because their products have a reputation for doing just that. They've been featured widely in the media, in high-profile publications like Forbes, and have amassed a loyal following amongst the vaping community, but does the e-cig really deliver?

White Cloud is a Florida-based company founded in 2008. The three co-founders started working as distributors, gaining experience before securing their own factory in China to start producing their own. They're proud of their Chinese manufacturers, having carefully chosen the highest-quality facilities and subjecting every battery and cartridge to multiple quality checks before they're shipped to customers. They're also constantly researching and developing, as well as incorporating feedback from vapers to improve their products. As a result, there are 31 retail stores which carry White Cloud e-cigs.

The Cirrus Variety Starter Kit comes with three batteries (the Cirrus II, 3 and 3X), five cartridges, USB charger and wall adapter. It's currently priced $79.95 (Buy Hades Mech Mods Just only need $22.99 ), and there are more affordable options if you choose one battery type. You can pick up the Cirrus 3 Kit (named after the three batteries you get) for $69.95, which comes with a three e-cig “Squid” USB charger, with the remainder of the contents being the same as in the Variety kit. Any starter kit is still a considerable investment, though, so it's well worth finding out more before you make your purchase.

Packaging and Design

The Starter Kit comes in a small cardboard box, with a lid that must be pulled upwards to remove. The more chest-like magnetic opening system is much more efficient, but the goods slip out easily enough if you hold the box without supporting the bottom. The branding is excellent, with a deep navy blue and crisp white color scheme and silver “WC” logos around the sides of the box, the “C” looking like a sharpened sickle-blade. The other kits are more cloud-themed and colorful, but are still very appealing. Inside, the three batteries are nestled in a foam upper layer, and everything else you need is underneath.

Quick look at the Cirrus 3x White Cloud Cigarettes:

The batteries themselves are well-designed, available in either plain white or brushed metal, with no faux-rings in sight. They're blue and white, with a choice between grey, black and crystal tips, which light up a warm, fiery orange on inhalation. The two-piece design means they're intuitive to use, screwing together snugly and functioning automatically. Some vapers may prefer manually-operated ones, but if the automatic batteries function well enough this can be forgiven. White Cloud also offers cool skins for your batteries, which come in numerous designs and shrink to size under the heat of a hair drier. Although the skins are just a thin sheet of plastic, they look natural enough when applied, which is perfect for anybody who isn't inspired by the relatively straightforward aesthetics of the batteries. There's also the “Phantom” kit, draped in black with matching StealthDraw cartridges.

Nicotine Levels

This is one area where White Cloud really blows the majority of the competition out of the water, with six nicotine strengths to choose from. You have the choice between Nicotine Free, Ultra Light (6mg), Light (16mg), Full (24mg), Extra (36mg) and Double Extra (54mg). This is absolutely perfect for the heaviest smokers, although the “steps” might be a little widely spaced for those looking to reduce their intake. However, White Cloud caters for the heaviest smokers much more than the vast majority of brands you'll find on the market – V2 and Green Smoke only go up to 24mg, as a comparison. Realistically though, it's hard to imagine vaping on the Double Extra strength for very long without starting to feel a little woozy.

Flavors and Vapor

The vapor production from the White Cloud e-cig is exceptional, regardless of battery size. You do indeed get crisp, white clouds of vapor with even a single puff, and even more when primed with a couple of introductory drags. The throat hit is more than satisfying, and when combined with the plumes of vapor the entire experience feels just like smoking a cigarette. The SmoothDraw technology works really well, keeping every drag gentle on the draw without compromising the realistic sensation. Of course, when you're pushing to the higher nicotine levels the throat-hit is pretty powerful, but since only pretty heavy smokers would be likely to use this when first making the switch; it probably wouldn't be such an issue. Overall, this is one area where there are no complaints at all; it's right up there with V2 for best vapor production. The StealthDraw cartridges reduce the output by around half in combination with one of the ordinary batteries, but it's easy to remove entirely by holding the vapor in a little longer.

The flavor profile is also excellent, with 16 different options including three tobacco cartridges (Regular, Apache and Bora Bora), two menthols (Menthol and Snap), four fruit options (Peach Pit, Bad Apple, Strawberry, and Lime and Coconut), three spicy cartridges (Clove, the cinnamon and honey Kick, and the chili-pepper Diablo), two sweet flavors (Vanilla and Chocolate) and other such as Espresso and Moscow Mule. Apache is the best of the tobacco flavors, with the characteristic edge of rustic American tobacco, and Snap gives menthol-lovers a mint chocolate combo you can't get enough of. There are plenty of great flavors, but with the Kick the hit of cinnamon is perfectly balanced out by the soothing honey, making it one to vape all day and possibly the best of the bunch. Moscow Mule is also impressive for its accuracy to the intended flavor; a definite favorite for any lovers of the cocktail. The Bad Apple doesn't really have a strong enough flavor, but all the others are very vape-able. Overall a great set of cartridges: right up there with the flavor selection from V2 and Green Smoke – despite some not quite hitting the mark.


The three White Cloud batteries all work impressively well, with the shortest option (the Cirrus 3) lasting 200 puffs (around 15 cigarettes' worth of use). The Cirrus II lasts 280 puffs, and the 3X gives a massive 600. In practice, the figures are something of an exaggeration (these are always quoted for the best case scenario), but you won't run out of battery as long as you top it up before you go out. The 3X, even if not quite living up to 600 puffs (we didn't count, but this is obviously an extreme claim) is still a very impressive capacity for a pen-sized e-cig, one which is pretty much unrivalled amongst all similar-sized models. If you want a cig-a-like model with a battery you can really depend on, this would be it. With the 3X (and the II, depending on how much you vape), you don't even need to worry about taking a spare with you when you head out to work.

Charging is also pretty quick (taking around three hours), and the short lead between the USB connector and the screw-port for the e-cig means that it doesn't poke out of your computer precariously when you're charging. The “Squid” charger (included with the Cirrus 3 kit) has three wires extending from the main port, so you can charge up all your batteries simultaneously if you pick one up. It's a shame you don't get one with the Variety Starter Kit (given the kit's higher price), but the ChargeBolt (standard) option still does the job well.

Manufacturing and Warranty

The manufacturing quality of the White Cloud e-cig is excellent, which is attested to by the CE and RoHS compliant stamps of approval on the kit. The 3X battery in the starter kit had a slightly loose thread connection, but the others had no issues whatsoever. Plus, this was easily rectified by pushing it back into place. It even survived a perilous drop into a glass of wine (which was the second time I've done that!), functioning perfectly again after being dried out.

The innovative approach to the technology taken by White Cloud is pretty much a guarantee of their attention to detail when it comes to quality. The batteries themselves are precision engineered to protect against the damage that can be done to the cells through overcharging, and the ChargeBolt charger even has the power to revive an e-cig battery which has dropped below 2.7 V (which would be effectively dead if you tried other chargers). Similarly, SmoothDraw (and ClearDraw) cartridges have a centrally-located coil to protect the user from the (admittedly tiny) risk of excessive heat, and a unique design to prevent the coil from flooding with liquid. These small benefits might not be game-changers, but it goes to show how much care White Cloud put into their products. Plus, it all goes together to offer an excellent vaping experience with the brand.

Even if there are problems with your e-cig, White Cloud offers a six month warranty, which is extendable to a massive two years for an additional $29.95. As usual, the cartridges aren't covered by the warranty, but if they genuinely malfunction and it isn't your fault, you can get replacement at no additional cost. Although many manufacturers offer a whole year warranty (if not longer) the fact that White Cloud covers you for defects in disposable components is a huge plus-point. Overall, the manufacturing is excellent and although the warranty may not be the best, you're well covered in the event of a malfunction.

There is very little to criticize with the White Cloud e-cig, thanks to an excellent battery life, thick clouds of vapor, delicious flavors and more than enough nicotine levels. For heavier smokers, the combination of brilliant battery life and plenty of nicotine makes it easily one of the best options on the market. Perhaps smaller gaps between nicotine levels would be better, and it would be nice to have manual batteries or e-liquid available, but you'll be hard pressed to find a better e-cig. It's on par with V2 Cigs for vapor production, and the flavors are up there with Green Smoke's, making White Cloud a fantastic all-round brand.


How about Atmomixani Nemesis

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Along with the Poldiac, Atmomixani's Nemesis leads the way for mechanical mods utilizing silver-plated contacts. There's a reason why this mod constantly sells out everywhere it's stocked.


    Extra tubes accommodate three battery sizes
    Silver plated brass contacts minimize voltage drop
    Adjustable center pin and switch eliminate battery rattle
    Top cap doubles as an airflow control ring
    Kick compatible


    Hard to find in stock
    Bottom pin can come loose with heavy use

Bottom Line
The Nemesis by Atmomixani leads the way for Greek-made heavy hitting mechanical mods. With one of the lowest voltage drops around and a design that matches up well with almost any atomizer, the Nemesis is a go-to mod.

Greece is arguably the king when it comes to producing highly conductive, hard hitting mechanical mods. I've already reviewed the Poldiac and found it to be an exceptional piece of engineering. Everything from the materials used to the threading in the tubes and caps is top notch. And silver plated brass contacts in both the firing pin or spring as well as the positive top post are all the rage in the mod world right now.

Along with the Poldiac, Atmomixani's Nemesis leads the way for mechanical mods utilizing silver-plated contacts. There's a reason why this mod constantly sells out everywhere it's stocked.


    Extra tubes accommodate three battery sizes
    Silver plated brass contacts minimize voltage drop
    Adjustable center pin and switch eliminate battery rattle
    Top cap doubles as an airflow control ring
    Kick compatible


    Hard to find in stock
    Bottom pin can come loose with heavy use

Bottom Line
The Nemesis by Atmomixani leads the way for Greek-made heavy hitting mechanical mods. With one of the lowest voltage drops around and a design that matches up well with almost any atomizer, the Nemesis is a go-to mod.
Nemesis Mod by Atmomixani Review

Atmomixani Nemesis Matte Edition

Greece is arguably the king when it comes to producing highly conductive, hard hitting mechanical mods. I've already reviewed the Poldiac and found it to be an exceptional piece of engineering. Everything from the materials used to the threading in the tubes and caps is top notch. And silver plated brass contacts in both the firing pin or spring as well as the positive top post are all the rage in the mod world right now.

Nemesis Mod Back Side

When I first heard of the Atmomixani Nemesis mod, I wasn't too keen on its appearance, specifically the bottom switch. I guess because I had recently moved from variable voltage and wattage APVs to mechanical mods, I was still used to having the firing button on the side of the mod.

However, a couple of my friends had just picked up some basic bottom switch mechs (mechanical mods) and they seemed to fire a lot quicker and harder than my Smoktech Natural mod, with its side-mounted firing button. I wound up upgrading to the Poldiac anyway and even though I loved everything about it, I still had the itch to get something nice with a bottom-mounted button.

The "Nemmy" has gone on to become one of the most highly touted, sought after, and hardest to find mods on the market. It has even surpassed the highly coveted Chi-You, in my opinion, in terms of demand, since Mojo shipped out a great deal of orders to resellers and switched focus to the soon-to-be-released Chi Sleek and Chicano mods.

The Nemesis mod is almost constantly sold out on Atmomixani's website and when the lucky few vape shops get a shipment in, they sell out almost instantly. Somehow, demand for the Nemmy has not diminished even though it has now been almost exactly replicated by Chinese clone artists Hcigar. So I had to jump almost immediately at the chance to purchase one from nearby Ultra Vape in West Covina, as they sold out within a day. (As of writing this Ultra Vape has received another shipment and still has Kalafan and Vaporwall editions of the Nemesis mod in stock.)

Visual Appearance

Because the Nemesis e-cig mod used for this review was purchased from a brick and mortar and not the actual manufacturer, I can't really comment on the packaging. I just know that it arrived safe and without any dings or scratches. Atmomixani does include a little pouch with a spare spring and 18500 battery and kick tubes.

I'm a huge fan of brushed stainless steel and the ultra clean appearance it gives to a mod. It also matches up really well with a wide variety of atomizers, including some of the newer 22mm RBAs like the Patriot and Omega. So while the Nemesis mod is made in a variety of finishes, I chose the matte version and paired it up with an Omega atomizer I picked up at the Electronic Cigarette Convention (Anaheim) a few days later.

At first glance, the Atmomixani Nemesis mod, especially in matte or polished versions, has a fairly simple design. In 18650 mode with no kick, it's essentially just two tubes with a locking ring, a basic bottom switch and a top cap. However the main tube is laser engraved with the angel of death symbol synonymous with the Nemesis mod, as well as serial number and the word "Nemesis".

The bottom switch is also engraved with the Atmomixani steam train logo and the words "By Atmomixani". Keep in mind these are laser engravings so they aren't too deep and could be removed through further brushing the steel a bit.

What really sets the Nemesis mod apart from the Poldiac from MMVapors is the fact it comes with all three tube sizes to accommodate 18350, 18500 and 18650 batteries and even one to fit a "kick" variable wattage chip. Spare tubes must be purchased separately for the Poldiac to function with different battery sizes.

It also has an airflow control option on a swiveling top cap. When lined up with two tiny crater-like indents on the base ring of the top cap, the holes allow for use with 510 connectors like cartomizers that vent air through the connection threads.

If I could described the Nemesis in one word, it would be "clean". This mod is quite possibly the cleanest looking mod ever made and looks even better when paired up with my Omega atomizer.

Build Quality

Atmomixani offers the Nemesis in both stainless steel and brass. The matte version is obviously made from stainless steel and has immaculate threading. Not only is the threading very fine and buttery when screwing and removing tubes and parts, but it's also pretty deep, holding parts in place and preventing unwanted dislodging.

Overall, the Nemesis mod is just as solid as the Poldiac, if not more so. There is absolutely no rattling of parts and with the pins properly adjusted, no battery rattle as well. The tubes fit together almost perfectly with almost no noticeable gaps.

Also like the Poldiac, both contact points are made from silver-plated brass. Silver has the highest conductivity of any metal so this creates the lowest voltage drop possible. For an even harder hit, the brass version will be slightly more conductive than any of the stainless steel models.


Functionality is what sets the Nemesis apart from any other mod on the market. It can accommodate all three popular mod battery sizes with or without a kick. The fully adjustable top center pin allows for atomizers with various 510 connector lengths. Best of all, the bottom switch can then be screwed in until the derlin insulator touches the battery, thereby eliminating any rattle.

The switch itself may stick a bit at first but as the spring softens over time, fire smoother and more efficiently. Atmomixani has also recently released a pair of magnets to replace the two springs and give the Nemesis cloud-like throw on the switch. There is even a tiny pin that fits between a divot in the switch that locks it in place, preventing unwanted spinning of the button.

Finally, the bottom pin is adjustable to give users a customizable throw. Simply unscrew it a tad and you will require less effort to press the button. However, I find it perfectly comfortable to just have the pin screwed all the way in for maximum conductivity.


I previously said the Poldiac was the hardest hitting mod I’d ever used. With silver-plated contacts, there is no surprise I felt that way. However, I have no problem now replacing the Poldiac with the Nemmy as the hardest mod I’ve ever vaped.

With a clean dual coil atomizer and proper battery, in my case a 30 amp Sony 18650, the Nemesis mod is cable of producing clouds that look like the result of a quad-coil build. The Nemmy has one of the lowest voltage drops I've seen, at only .13v on a 1.9ohm build and .55 with a .4ohm set of coils.

I haven't tried a quad coil on this thing yet but I'm pretty confident that it would fog up an entire room with just a few puffs. In my opinion, the Atmomixani Nemesis mod hits harder than any other e-cig mod readily available to consumers today.

What is there to dislike about the Nemesis? The only thing I can think of is its availability. It's constantly sold out on Atmomixani's website and only a few online retailers have stock for sale. On the bright side, you won't have to drop two or three times its worth in auction to own one. After a few weeks of use with multiple atomizers and builds, the Panzer Mechanical Mod has quickly become my favorite mod, bar none. Everything from design to build quality and on down the performance is top notch. This is about as close to perfection as it gets in a vape. If you're lucky to find one in stock and can afford it, do not pass on the opportunity to own quite possibly the best mechanical mod ever made.