How about this tiny iNano Kit?

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A tiny electronic cigarette kit would you like to get? Here is iNano Kit you can get on this official authorized online store with premium quality guarantee. With innovative design, this stuff can provide you 10 watt power output on 650 mAh capacity. Easy operation brings you enjoyable experience, just press the fire button on the side, unlike other regulated mods with adjustment buttons. Direct output voltage is waiting for you to experience!


Do you like my recommendation: Wismec DNA200?

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Now i'm recommending you the Wismec DNA200. You must have heard about this vaporization device. Though many DNA200 TC mods have appeared in the market, i still recommend it to you. With the adoption of Evolv's DNA200 TC chip, the Wismec DNA200 can bring advanced temperature controlled experience. So surprisingly, Wismec DNA200 uses three 18650 cells, which is different from other DNA200 mods. Moreover, the Wismec DNA200 holds the irregular and beautiful appearance, would you like to give this compact stuff a try? Here is the official authorized online store for you.


Are you seeking the new Eleaf stuff: iStick Pico Mod?

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This new Eleaf stuff, iStick Pico Mod is absolutely distinctive enough. Although it provides only the maximum 75 watts power output, less powerful than the previous istick stuff, such as iStick 100W, TC100W, it is still powerful enough for the majority of vaping. Moreover, the various temperature control modes(Ti/Ni/SS/TCR) bring you super wonderful vaping experience. More surpringly, just with this tiny stuff, you can enjoy these super powerful functionality. This stuff is really the smallest Eleaf product with huge power output and powerful functions. Wanna give this fantastic stuff a try? Here is the official authorized online store for you to give any of Eleaf products a try.


Your powerful iStick 200W TC Mod is still in good state?

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I personally think that Eleaf iStick series stuff is well designed for good maintainance and easily operated with no complicate introduction in functionalilty. This new iStick 200W TC Mod is so distinctive from the previous iStick series stuff, not only displaying in the 200W maximum power output, also the flip-open battery cover brings the great convenience of replacing cells, the three 18650 cells makes the compact structure and good hand feeling. The buttons are also well designed for good operation and premium materials are applied into this mod to prolong the serving time. In terms of the battery life, a remind for you: timely charge your device when it's in low power supply and remember not to overdischarge your mod. Believe as long as you make good maintainance of this powerful mod, it will be in good state for long time.


Do you agree that RX200S is the most innovative mod over the previous RX200?

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You can notice that this RX200S may be the innovative one over its previous stuff RX200. But do you know what's the innovative feature on RX200S? I will introduce you these distinctive features. Still similar appearance design: irregular appearance due to the structure of three 18650 cells and similar layout of buttons and screen, you can see the difference on the screen display: the nature screen display with the adoption of brand-new interface, also the bigger screen size, 0.96inch than 0.69inch on RX200. I personally think the grey RX200S is more beautiful and fashionable than RX200, though RX200S provides more color options. Wanna get this innovative RX200S? Here is the official authorized online store for you to get premium Wismec products with beautiful price.