Does Kangertech DRIPBOX 60W Starter kit easy be broken?

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The Kangertech DRIPBOX 60W Starter kit made of stainless steel, which is really compact and high quality, it’s unlikely to broke it easily, of course unless you hit it hard to ground. If you are still worry about it, you can also wrap a silicone case for it, which can protect your kit and also make it looks different.


Authentic Eleaf iStick has a stealth mode!

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Undoubtedly, you can get more quality guarantee, such as more premium quality with decreasing safety risk and versatile function performance, such as the stealth mode you can find on an authentic Eleaf product. A "stealth mode" can turns the display off so you're not shining a bright blue light every time you fire it in a dark room. You have to hit the buttons just right to turn it back on to adjust it. Is it a friendly design? Here i will tell you the official authorized online store for Eleaf products where you can get premium quality guarantee. Happy shopping and pleasant vaping!


Wanna choose a favorite RX200S front and back cover?

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Wismec Reuleaux series is a unique kind of electronic cigarette with the replacable front and back cover. Now you can make a change on your RX200S' appearance. Four colors of RX200S front and back cover are available on official authorized online store, grey, red, black and blue. They are well desinged and easy to replace. Only $5.2 you can get a favorite RX200S front and back cover. Also you can freely match with any your favorite parts to make a customized design. You can get a direct purchase on this page, or if you wanna get rid of the trouble of replacing the front and back cover, you can get a Releaux RX200S from these five color options here.