About the Package for Aster RT kit

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If you want to buy Aster RT kit, you should know that a 100% authentic device should be include:
1×MELO RT 22 (with ER 0.3ohm Head)
1×ER 0.3ohm Head
2×Seal Rings
1×USB Cable
2×User Manuals
So please check it first once you get the package.


Let me introduce the Eleaf Aster total for you

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The Eleaf ASTER total is an integration of both a battery and a tank in one unit but nevertheless retains the ergonomically redesigned form of unique ASTER that completely fits inside the palm of your hand.  The e-liquid can without problems be refilled with the aid of removing the pinnacle cap and the airflow can be adjusted for your preference. also you can exchange the coloration of your ASTER total every time you want by using replacing its leather sticker. it's miles secure and clean to use with without difficulty positioned fireplace button and direct output voltage system.


Toothpaste selecting

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Stop using if you it feels like sands
Cleaning the dirt on the surface of the teeth is done through the toothpaste abrasive. Therefore, the abrasive quality is the main criterion to distinguish the quality of toothpaste. Inferior abrasive can make enamel more and more fragile, wear of the bridging part of teeth and gums and cause gingival recession.
To see whether a abrasive is of good quality, one should pay attention to the evenness, fineness and smoothness of the cream. When brushing your teeth, pay attention to the texture of the toothpaste. If it is coarse or you feel sand particles stagnant in your mouth, you should stop using. In addition, the choice of the toothpaste flavor is also very important, especially for children. Choosing toothpaste of the suitable taste helps prolong your teeth brushing duration.
Fluoride toothpaste is the best choice to relieve tooth decay
As much as 82% of adults have the phenomenon of gingival recession. Gingival recession is the cause to tooth decay. Fluoride toothpaste is the exclusive choice for relieving tooth decay. Fluoride has both the decontamination and cleaning function of the ordinary toothpaste and have the effect of caries prevention. The application of fluoride toothpaste has got the acknowledgement of oral medicine circle and has almost replaced the previous common toothpastes on the market.
What needs to be reminded is, preschool children can swallow down some fluoride toothpaste when brushing the teeth and get affected by stomach discomforts. Hence, children should not use much fluoride toothpaste.
Medicinal toothpaste alone won't cure dental disease
Many drug toothpastes on the market, such as antiseptic and antiphlogistic type has certain effect on gum inflammation. In toothpaste containing drugs or other substances have certain preventive or alleviation effect on periodontal disease but because of the short duration and limited effect, they cannot make the cut for being treating measures for gingivitis and periodontitis, bleeding gums, teeth, sensitiveness and other oral diseases. If any discomfort appears, make sure to go for professional treatment.


Weight loss puts lives back on track

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David Schroeder and his team at Wellington's Surgical Obesity Clinic love nothing more than giving their patients a second chance at life.

Dr Schroeder, an experienced laparoscopic abdominal surgeon, has performed thousands of obesity operations over almost two decades.

He performed the first laparoscopic gastric bypass in New Zealand in 2000 and has gone on to perform many more weight loss surgeries, including gastric banding and sleeve gastrectomy.

The procedures can produce varying results, with patients losing between 40 and 80 per cent of excess weight within a year.

And with weight loss comes a new lease of life, says Dr Schroeder, who says that is the most rewarding part of his job.

"The emphasis with all surgery is it is helping people, it's only a tool but it helps people to change their life habits around to a much healthier lifestyle," he says.

One patient says: "I knew I had to say farewell to my old body or face serious health issues. Weight loss surgery is the price of a good, second-hand car or an overseas trip.

That put it in perspective for me – I was investing in a healthy future."

Obesity is becoming an increasing problem the world over, Dr Schroeder says.

New Zealand Health Information Service figures indicate that 25 per cent of the population is considered obese. New Zealand has the third highest rate of obesity among the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development countries.

"It's a worldwide epidemic, simply because there's too much high-calorie food available, though genes do have something to do with it as well," he says.

Obesity results in a large number of medical conditions, typically type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and arthritis.

There is also an increased cancer risk and reduced life expectancy. Prejudice and social isolation are huge problems too, and the inability to relate normally with loved ones because of immobility and low self-esteem can be devastating, he says.

He outlines a common scenario – a 45-yearold woman who has gradually increased in weight with the birth of each child, who is now up to 125 kilograms and doesn't do any physical activity because it hurts.

She's too embarrassed to go out, she's becoming a recluse at home, she doesn't see any great hope for the future, she's getting depressed with all this and really feels that life isn't what she expected it to be at this age.

But after weight loss surgery, this woman immediately feels better about her body, she regains her self-confidence, she becomes more sociable, she wants to exercise, and she regains the life that she had hoped she would have.

"The commonest comment is not thank you for getting rid of my diabetes or lowering my blood pressure, it's thank you for giving me my life back," says Dr Schroeder.

"It's that incredible feeling people have of being released from a bondage that they felt they couldn't get away from."

Dr Schroeder is also proud of the fact that he's been "responsible" for many babies, with a steady stream of b

"That's the other group I really love, people that were told they were infertile, then are able to get pregnant after they've lost the weight."

After a referral from a family doctor, patients undergo five consultations, during which the surgical options, risks and complications are outlined. The surgical options include: Laparoscopic Gastric Banding (LAP-BAND?), the simplest and safest obesity operation.

A silicone band with a balloon is implanted around the top of the stomach. This can be inflated via a port under the skin. The operation works mainly by switching off the desire to eat and removing hunger. The expected weight loss is on average 60 per cent of excess weight and it requires lifelong changes to lifestyle and eating.

Laparoscopic Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass (REYGB), is performed laparoscopically (keyhole surgery with a telescope) and is commonly known as stomach stapling. This type of bypass operation has proven to be an effective, consistent way of losing weight and of keeping it off, but it also requires lifelong changes to lifestyle and eating. Considered the "gold standard" of weight loss surgery, a small stomach pouch is created, restricting the amount of food that can be eaten initially, but long term, the operation also works by switching off the desire to eat. It also helps rid patients of type 2 diabetes. Initial weight loss at one year of 80 per cent of excess weight is expected.

Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy, whereby two-thirds of the stomach is removed laparoscopically. This severely restricts intake for the first year. The advantages are that there is less malabsorption of minerals and vitamins. People do sometimes get reflux for prolonged periods afterwards. Weight loss after a year is about 67 per cent of excess weight, but there is a tendency to regain weight after this.

Although surgery is powerful and can give positive results, Dr Schroeder says it can be beaten by habits.

"There seems to be a myth out there that weight loss surgery cures the weight problem, unfortunately, we know that isn't the case, it's a step towards the total solution." To ensure patients maintain healthy lifestyle habits afterwards, the clinic includes nurses, a dietician, psychologist and psychotherapist, counsellor and physiotherapist who are all just as essential in getting a good result that lasts. "One of the reasons people eat is because it releases nice chemicals in the brain that help cope with the problems of life. aby photos arriving at his office.


16 Ways to Lose Weight Faster

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Fast weight loss tip:

"Most women make the mistake of thinking, If I can't work out for a full hour, why bother?" says Lashaun Dale, co-creator of the REDBOOK/Equinox Body Renewal express class offered in select Equinox gyms this spring. Don't be one of them! Steal one of these genius ideas instead.

"I run to work. It's four miles from my apartment to a gym near my office. The best part is that I don't have to sacrifice precious mornings with my daughter: I shower quicker at the gym, with no distractions, so I leave home at the usual time."

"I recruited a bunch of work friends to join the Wedding Dress Challenge with me. There's a gym in our office building, and at the beginning of the week, we put our classes on a calendar, the way we would any other meetings. Then when it's time to go, we'll just show up at each other's desks with our gear. Some days that accountability is just the extra push you need."

"I use my kids as fitness accessories! I found a mommy-and-me class that my 2-year-old twins love. Since there are two of them, I take my sister with me and we use the kids as weights. It's a workout lifting those babies."

"My husband and I — decided to take the weight-loss challenge together, and we keep each other on track — even when we're away from home. When I don't feel like working out, he'll say, ‘Let's go get it done.' One weekend, we were traveling and didn't have access to a gym. But it didn't matter; we went on long walks together to get the exercise in."

"I schedule workouts a week in advance. My husband and I have so much going on that we've found it's best to talk about how exercise fits into our schedule on Sunday nights, so we can be sure everything is good to go for the week. That way, if I need to get babysitting one day or make some other arrangements so I can get workouts in, I have time to make it happen."

"I realized that time spent hanging out with the family — even in front of the TV — didn't have to be lazy time. I discovered a DVD (Insanity: 60-Day Total Body Conditioning) that my husband and I enjoy doing together, and my son likes to get involved. He's got his jumping jacks down, and he totally wears himself out, which helps with bedtime!"


Don’t be afraid to deal and save

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When it comes to saving a dollar, there are some budgeting tips that we're happy to embrace and others that are an absolute no-go zone.
Take the discount voucher. Some of us have no problem pulling a swifty at the cash register and claiming some money off. Others would rather listen to fingernails being scraped continuously down a blackboard.
Perhaps you wouldn't be caught in your coffin in second-hand clothes. Or you buck against having a home that smells of eau de vinegar. Or maybe bargaining anywhere other than Bali seems a bridge too far.
The money-saving tips that we accept or reject have a lot to do with how we think our behaviour will be perceived by others.

Cultural influences have a bearing, as do family habits, time and, ultimately, whether we believe the effort is worth the reward.
With that in mind, we asked three people to name a favourite money-saving tip and the point at which they would have to draw the line.
Newcastle University student Heenal Patel, 28, can't get enough of deal websites. As with many deal devotees, she uses them to snap up life's little luxuries, such as discounted haircuts, beauty treatments and restaurant dinners.
This month she hit a new deal-hunting high when she snaffled a new Nissan Almera Ti via the Living Social website.
"It's worth about $23,500, if I go and buy it straight out, and I'm getting it for 40 per cent off," she says. "I don't think I could ask for more. I'm driving a car from the 1980s at the moment."
As a 30-deal veteran, the part-time personal trainer and weight-loss consultant has learnt to do her homework before plonking her money down. A deal for a shellac manicure turned a bit sour when the nail technician went on holidays as the deal was posted and wasn't prepared for the influx of business when she returned.
Patel now looks at how a business is reviewed online, and she doesn't pursue discounts at all costs. When she finds a business she likes, she's happy to return as a full-paying customer.
No-go zone? Patel thinks it's demeaning to ask someone, particularly a health professional, for a discount.
"If a business is offering a service for a price, they've put it there for a reason. If you're not happy with their price, go to someone else who is offering it for less."
Asking for a discount doesn't bother Elizabeth Ball in the slightest. She has a long list of how it has helped keep costs down as she and her partner, Andrew, renovate their two-bedroom bungalow in Melbourne.
Coached by Andrew, who works as a retail manager, she regularly asks retailers for a discount on the last day of the month.
"That is when they have to meet their monthly targets or sometimes it's units they need to shift of a certain category line."


Ask the Personal Trainer: Does Sleeping After Eating Hinder Weight Loss?

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Q: Is it good or bad to sleep after lunch and does it interfere in my weight loss? Would it be better if I didn't sleep?
A: This is a great question and one that stirs up plenty of debate in fitness centers across the country. Some people say our bodies shut down when we sleep and all food in our stomach automatically turns into fat. Thankfully, it's not quite this simple.
First, in the big weight loss equation of "calories in versus calories out," you should lose weight as long as you're burning more calories than you eat – no matter when you sleep.
Second, you must separate cause and effect from coincidence. If you get into the habit of sleeping after eating, then this crowds exercise out of the picture and makes it easier to "fall off the activity wagon." Less exercise means less justification of those calories and, consequently, a larger waistline.
Lastly, I am a big proponent of the behavioral aspect of exercise. I suggest doing at least a little exercise after a meal, not because I think it'll necessarily make you fit, but primarily to reinforce the habit of physical activity. When in doubt, remember that a little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing!


Climb Every Mountain

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Before she joined Weight Watchers meetings, this mom of four used to watch wistfully from the sidelines as her husband and kids rock-climbed, skied and biked. Now she's the most active one in her family.
Two years ago, my daughter and husband climbed the Grand Teton, an almost 14,000-foot mountain in Wyoming. They wanted me to come too, but at 182 pounds, I knew there was no hope. Last September I stood on top of the same mountain with my husband; there are no words to express how exhilarating it felt, and all because I had shed 45 pounds.* I had no idea how much losing weight would affect my life, and those of my husband and four children.
An Eating Free-For-All
My family had always been into outdoor activities but increasingly, I wasn't able to join in. I kept an extra ten pounds with each of my pregnancies, and my eating habits had gotten a little out of control. I had no concept of portions, so I would eat at least three times what I should (big bowls of pasta were a real culprit). And it's almost embarrassing to remember this, but I used to snack all the time, practically shoving food into my mouth, thinking, "I'm already fat, so what does it matter?"
A Kitchen Makeover
Finally, in 2003, when we went on vacation to Sawtooth National Forest in Idaho and I wasn't able to do anything with my family, I made a pledge to change. Walking into my first Weight Watchers meeting, I was nervous, but felt that this was the first step to taking charge. When I got home, I prepared to follow the Weight-Loss system by going through the kitchen cabinets and throwing out all the junk. I also realized that I had been so busy cooking for my family that I was neglecting what I needed. So I started shopping with myself in mind. I stocked up on high-fiber cereals (I used to eat eggs and cheese for breakfast), skim milk and plenty of produce.
A Little Extra Effort Can Pay Off Big
One thing I learned is that you have to commit to keeping the kitchen stocked with good foods. Yes, it can take extra effort (and sometimes money), but if you're hungry and there's nothing healthy to reach for, you're going to grab the chips instead. So I shop more often today and spend a bit more money, but it's so worth it.
"I'm a Better Mom and Wife"
Today I know I'll never get left behind again. We all go backcountry skiing together in the winter (it's the ultimate workout!), and my 11-year-old son runs with me occasionally. I even ran a half marathon! I started out wanting to get healthy, but I never knew how much happier losing weight would make me. That, in turn, makes me a better mom and wife.


100% authentic Kanger TOP EVOD Starter kit at a discount price

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Four colors for Kanger TOP EVOD Starter kit are available now, the original price is $15.90 and now you can get it with only $11.50, it's a great choice for beginners, click here to see more amazing features about it.


How much understand pineapple benefits you?

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Also called pineapple pineapple before, south of the Five Ridges one of four big fruit. Pineapple is rich in nutrition, its ingredients include sugar, protein, fat, vitamin A, B1, B2, C, protease and calcium, phosphorus, iron, organic acid, nicotinic acid and so on, especially in the highest content of vitamin C.
As a tropical, subtropical fruit, pineapple in addition to nutrient rich, there are a lot of neglected health benefits: eat too full, eat the pineapple can play the role of digestion, can also relieve constipation. And pineapple taste sweet, sour, flat, with replenishing spleen, Shengjinzhike, Runchang efficacy, diuretic swelling, heat treat polydipsia, nephritis, hypertension, bronchitis, constipation, hematoma, edema and other diseases, and has certain effect on the prevention of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease.
Pineapple juice add salt to drinking, can alleviate the symptoms of heat stroke. Constipation eat stains of salt fresh pineapple, can also play a role in mitigation.
Therapeutic health care: diuretic, promote the body's The new supersedes the old., eliminate fatigue, increase appetite, promote digestion, prevent constipation.
4 benefits of eating pineapple, you know:
1, weight loss
Pineapple can also lose weight, Is it right? Feel very fresh? Pineapple contains almost all of the human body needs vitamins, 16 kinds of natural minerals, and can effectively help digestion and absorption. Pineapple weight-loss secret is that it is rich in fruit juice, can effectively fatty acid solution, can be effective in food every day with eating pineapple or drinking Pineapple Juice, but avoid excessive consumption of untreated or raw pineapple, the first easy to reduce the sense of taste, to stimulate the oral mucosa; second, easily lead to the production of bromelain, the protease allergic people, there will be symptoms such as itching of the skin.
2, clean intestines
Often because of how much content in edible meat and worry, pineapple can help you solve the digestion and absorption of concern. Bromelain can effectively decompose the protein in food, increase peristalsis of intestines and stomach.
3, beauty
Rich in vitamin B can effectively nourish the skin, prevent dry skin, moisturizing hair light, but also can eliminate the body's tension and enhance the body's immunity; the pulp can be used as a mask, is the care of the sweet; often cite its fresh fruit juice can eliminate age spots and reduce the rate of age spots. The enzyme can lower blood pressure, dilution of blood lipids, eating pineapple, can prevent fat deposition.
4, eliminate cold
Have a fever, cough, sore throat is the most obvious symptoms of colds, except to rest quietly in bed, try drinking a cup of fresh Pineapple Juice, it has a cooling effect, and can effectively reduce the bronchial. The medical study, since ancient times, human beings often with pineapple contains bromelain to relieve sore throat and cough.
The nutritional value of pineapple:
1, pineapple contains a "pineapple protein enzyme" material, it can break down proteins, dissolved blocking in tissues of fibrin and blood clots, improve local blood circulation, eliminate inflammation and edema;
2, the pineapple contain sugar, salt and enzyme have a diuretic effect, appropriate to eat on nephritis, beneficial in patients with essential hypertension;
3, pineapple flavor of Gan Ping, with Jianweixiaoshi, spleen diarrhea, thirst, clearing stomach function.
Pineapple is suitable the crowd:
1 the general population can eat
2 is particularly suitable for hot irritability, nephritis, hypertension, bronchitis, dyspepsia;
3 patients with ulcer disease, kidney disease, blood coagulation disorder should be fasting pineapple, have a fever and suffering from eczema, scabies, people should not eat.
If you know more, common share it….


Inside the Albright Fashion Library, New York’s Hidden (Wonderful!) Fashion Closet

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It's been over ten years since the Albright Fashion Library, a twenty,000-piece collection of seriously stunning clothes and accessories (or what I like to call New York's most fabulous hidden fashion closet), opened up shop in downtown New York. In the event you walked past you may have never known it was there, but thanks to MAC Cosmetics, that is all about to change. "Albright Goes to School" a 10th anniversary exhibition featuring designs from the Albright Fashion Library (AFL) styled by industry insiders and costumes designers, will be on display in the lobby of The Museum of the Fashion Institute of Know-how beginning today!
"Beauty and fashion are kind of like twins," James Gager the Creative Director and SVP for MAC told me by electronic mail. "Trends in the beauty and fashion industry are cyclical yet evolving and working with this esteemed group of stylists, lots of of whom I am personally close with, allows students and the public to understand the artistic part of fashion and the important role the stylists play in interpreting the total look."
"From a cosmetic brands point of view, this enables us to participate in the conversation with students who represent the future of our industry," Gager continued. Well as would expect, I had to see the AFL for myself! While there I caught up with Patricia Black, Creative Director of The Library, and stylist June Ambrose to discuss what the AFL means to them.
"As they approached ten years, Irene [Albright] and I desired to make a nod to the industry to say thank you to the stylists and to celebrate them," Black told me. "With FIT, the introduction was made and they felt like they had to do something to make it work for them. They could open the door and permit the scholars to actually touch the garments, review the garments."
"We have everything from A to Azzedine Alaia all the way down to Versace and Zac Posen," said Black. "We do the blouses, the trousers, the skirts, lots of the separates. and lots of the great cocktail dresses. than pay for a dress that she'll be photographed one time in and never wear again, a woman can come in here and be put together by our amazing team. And you can hire out the pieces. Luxury for hire!"
For stylist June Ambrose, the Albright Fashion Library is not only a resource, it is a refuge. "I discovered Albright when it was Imelda's Closet on 57th street," Ambrose told me. "That was perhaps about 13 years ago. Oprah Winfery was shooting me for her talk show and I wanted an very brilliant curated, large closet to shoot in. They allowed me to shoot the piece in their offices and from then they fell in love!"
"I've come to Albright as somebody who has come from behind the scenes to having my own tv show and generating this celebrity in my own right,'" said Ambrose. "I sometimes need things for TV or red carpet moments and they have always been there for me."
"When I worked with MAC on their commercial campaign with Missy Eliot, Mary J Blige, and Lil' Kim they borrowed stuff from Albright! So there is this type of six degrees of separation, this type of full circle, between MAC, Albright, and myself that makes sense," said Ambrose. "Makeup & beauty, for me, comes before fashion. It also becomes a punctuation to a glance. It actually helps you to tell your story because the character that it builds, it kind of enhances ones spirit. I could not imagine not having beauty as a side of fashion."
If you are in New York in the coursework of the month of March check out the "Albright Goes to School" exhibition in the lobby of The Museum of the Fashion Institute of Know-how and tell us what you think!


How do you organize your wardrobe and, and avoid the problem?

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So, this happened to me on my morning run today: My pants fell off. Well, OK, they didn't actually fall off, because I might have died of embarrassment before posting this. But as I ran, they kept sliding down to the point that I got so frustrated by a feasible flashing situation, I cut my run short and went home.
This happens to me over I would love. I mean, not the pants thing, necessarily usually, pants are my first order of importance in workout situations but I have also had earbuds that malfunction, sports bras that sag weirdly, and hair ties that pop, all which have led to discomfort and eventual abandonment of exercise. And an casual poll of Glamour editors has shown that I am much not alone (thank goodness).
I shared my chagrin on the subject with Amy at Second Shift Athlete, who is a whiz at finding ways to exercise, even when faced with a fail. And look at this! Some excellent ideas for dealing with workout clothing malfunctions on the fly.
The too-tight sports bra: Eight in ten of us are apparently wearing the wrong sports braa and you can tell when you are. Bras should not hurt! But if you are in a pinch (heh), preworkout, soak the thing in hot water and stretch it out over the back of a chair as it dries, says Amy, or stretch it out and then pin both sides to an ironing board and iron the elastic so it starts to have some give.
Next time: It is worth it to take some time and discover a bra that doesn't make breathing a problem or make you feel a bit, you know…floppy. Here are some ideas that might best suit your chest, and a bunch of Glamour-tested bras to think about.
Workout-pants-falling-down-itis: Whip off your long-sleeve tee and tightly tie it around your waist (which I would have done, were I not outside in 20-degree whether). In the event you have a spare hair tie handy, you can pull the additional material of the pants in to a kind of ponytail and tie it off, or use safety pins to collect fabric and keep them up.
Next time: To keep away from future pants roll-down, Amy suggests purchasing pants that make definite non-stretching in the wash (labels and salespeople can help with this) and picking up detergent made for activewear.
Too-short shorts: In case you require to, what about spritzing a small little bit of hairspray on the inner bottom edges of your shorts to provide a small traction that'll keep them from moving around much? You can also employ the wrap-around-shirt method here too tie a long-sleeve tee (preferably that is on the longer side) around your waist.
Next time: Amy says to choose looser shorts that have a split in them which can help keep them from riding up tight shorts with clear elastic on the inner bottom edges, or even ditching the shorts altogether and trying a workout skirt.
Slippy sun shades: Speaking from experience, if you are mid-workout, you have choices: Take 'em off, wear them as a headband, or if you are already sporting a headband secure the earpieces underneath it. But if you are about to head out, you can use an eyeglass repair kit or little screwdriver to tighten the sun shades so the temples stay put.
Next time: Invest in some sporty sun shades, which are specifically made to hold on to your head.
Broken hair ties: The right tie is important how irritating is it when your ponytail keeps slipping out? (Answer: So irritating). But sometimes they don't know that we are wearing the wrong until we are actually wearing it. If the loop breaks, loop it around or of your fingers and tie it in to a tight knot. It is not ideal, but it is going to get the job completed. If you are at the gym, you can ask the front table for a rubber band (don't tell the Beauty girls I suggested this and regular rubber bands are not lovely for your hair but this is an emergency situation!). Out of desperation, I one time even used an elderly and random shoelace I present in my gym bag.
You have a better way to deal with these things? There is sharing it, thank you!


To lose weight the compass, slim you down quickly

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Want to slim down, you must work hard!
One: accelerated The new supersedes the old., beverage
1: drink water, water is our common life, if one day to drink 500 milliliters of water, improve the body's metabolic rate to 30%.
2, dairy products: milk, yogurt drink 3-4 times daily or eat cheese, their body fat can be reduced by more than 70%, women in the daily consumption of dairy products at the same time, eat more calcium foods, can obtain the optimal fat burning effect.
3, Green Tea Green Tea: not only have anti-cancer, anti-oxidation, and improve the The new supersedes the old. role. Drink 3 times a day, can consume 60000 calories.
Two, vegetables: can promote blood circulation
1, spinach: spinach can promote blood circulation, make from the heart of distant legs to absorb enough nutrients, balance The new supersedes the old., play a detoxification stovepipe effect.
2, celery: Celery contains a lot of calcium and potassium, can reduce the accumulation of lower body of water.
3, eat fresh tomatoes: tomatoes can be diuretic, remove the leg fatigue, reduce edema, raw better.
4, cabbage contains a lot of calcium and vitamin C, can enhance the metabolic rate.
Three, fruit: the ideal slimming food
1, apple: an Apple 50 calories, but the digestion and absorption of it requires 75 calories, use it to lose weight again good however, but also beauty, it is shoot two hawks with one arrow.
2, papaya: papaya has a unique proteolytic enzymes, can clear the meat and accumulate in the lower body fat, and papaya pectin contained in the meat of colon hydrotherapy is an excellent agent, can reduce the accumulation of waste in the lower body.
3, watermelon: watermelon is a fruit of the diuretic experts, eating can reduce excess water in the body.
4, grapefruit: Grapefruit calories is very low, is also rich in potassium, helps reduce body fat and water accumulation.
5, strange fruit: in addition to vitamin C is singular fruit strength, the fibre content is also very rich, can increase the rate of decomposition of fat legs, to avoid the accumulation of excessive fat.
Four, egg, meat products: vitamin B2 helps to remove fat
1, eat egg egg vitamin B2: vitamin B2 helps remove the fat, in addition, it contains vitamin B1 and niacin can remove the lower body fat.
2, thin thin Turkey: Turkey contain high protein, low fat content is carnivorous.
3: often eat fish, fish, very beneficial to lipid-lowering diet, you can eat 3-4 times per week.
Five, grain: make The new supersedes the old. better
1, sesame, linseed acid can remove attached to the cholesterol in the blood vessels, so that The new supersedes the old. better.
2, Red bean acid components contained in soda can increase the large intestine peristalsis, promote urination and reduce constipation.
3, oats, it was known as the "fat burning fighter", can provide a sense of satiety and energy for the body, but also can effectively help the body burn fat.
4, laver can help to drain away the body of waste and the accumulation of moisture other laver besides contain vitamin A, B1 and B2 rich, the most important thing is that it contains rich cellulose and minerals, can help to drain away the body of waste and the accumulation of moisture.
5, konjac completely free of fat and delicious, rich in plant fiber can make the lower body lymph flow, to prevent leg cellulite.
6, Add chili pepper in the food, will increase the body The new supersedes the old. rate, still can make the person is not easy to feel hungry after a meal
Lean to the most beautiful, accelerate fat burning six tips
1, the human body after eating the body temperature will rise, thus speeding up the energy consumption. So, eat three meals a day only eat two meals than the energy consumption when more. The intake of protein, energy consumption the most, beneficial to lose weight.
2, when the body muscle is increased, basal metabolic rate will rise. Therefore, high body fat should be strength training, strengthening of lean tissue.
3, to lose weight for the purpose of motion must be in before, the best early, late each one, at least three times a week, every 30 minutes.
4, heat drugs can enhance the The new supersedes the old. rate reached 14%, but must be taken under the guidance of doctors.
5, happy mood can reduce the consumption of serotonin in the brain, the appetite suppressant.
6, often pat the skin surface to stimulate the main and collateral channels, especially the back sides of the bladder, spleen, stomach in the abdominal side, can adjust the The new supersedes the old. function.


Would you eat a posh Vitoria Beckham pizza? Impossible.

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Not only does Victoria Beckham select to wear heels while on the treadmill (I would topple the heck over, but I also guarantee I am at least 87 percent clumsier than he is) she's also got definite tastes when it comes to pizza.
I mean, assuming that this vintage Spice Girls pizza unearthed from her mother's freezer is proof:
My father found this vintage pizza in the freezer!!!
According to the box, each of the slices of pizza (which, together, spell out "spice") are "loaded with the girls' favourite toppings." Victoria's picks: red onions and cheese. He took to Twitter again later to show how this frozen-pizza-from-the-'90s held up:
It looks even better out of the packaging!!
Too comic. Pizza, of work, doesn't always have a reputation for being the healthiest eating choice around but it definitely can be!
* Use a whole-wheat crust, or mix whole grains in to the dough for additional fiber.
* Load up on veggies! You don't must stick to the basics, either try different types of nutrient-rich seasonal produce, like broccoli, brussels sprouts, endive, or even beets.
* Fold in a kind of cheese that has a stronger flavor blue cheese, smoked gouda, romano so you'll use less of it.
* Using spices, herbs, and seasonings is a great way of adding taste without upping the calorie or fat levels. Nice ones to try: cumin, oregano, rosemary, and thyme.

Do you think Vitoria's delicious pizza? What to eat pizza do you like best?


Want to lose weight in a healthy diet is the key!

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In order to lose weight, many women choose to eat medicine reducing weight, and even diet method. In fact, a lot of eat medicine reducing weight and not weight diet will bring us many fewer injuries… Today we share some healthy method reducing weight.
1 from the childhood education "has been a waste of shame", but a better strategy is to eat a healthy share, then stop action. After all, a waste of food a lot of cost-effective ratio increased body burden you want oh!
2 control calorie snack. Many consumers buy 100000 cards (more or less) of snacks, such as potato chips or other leisure food. In fact, we tend to be a little more eating. Please note that the corrosion dessert food on the teeth, pay attention to calorie intake and nutrient rich food. Please read the food labels, understanding food The fabric of nutrients. Should be less than 3 grams of fat, 15 grams or less sugar, 2 grams to 3 grams of dietary fiber and 7 grams of protein. This ratio is ideal.
3 if the outside buy takeout food, not directly from the shopping bag took eat, good comfortable slippers, wash your hands, then put the food on the plate and then slowly to enjoy it.
4 like vegetables and Fresh Fruit Salad healthy food like this, again how much is not too much. A market full of Sheng, or a bowl of soup soup water, these foods are rich in water and low Kaluri, even if will not eat more harmful to weight loss.
5 when M meals at home, often eat dinner still sitting at the table and mom and dad are chatting, chatting chatting is not consciously use chopsticks to clamp food, unconsciously increased a lot of calories. So JMS note, a meal leftovers away, if not, take the chopsticks. Hey.
6 scientific studies show that, after 45 minutes is the best time to lose weight. Because this time is just the small intestine food decomposition and absorption time, so this is our blood sugar concentration will gradually rise, after dinner, do not immediately sit down, stand 30 to 45 minutes, or you can walk together and friends.
7 now, the old popular beverage in health drinks the charts. If you need to drink more, need to choose those calorie free beverages.

So, for the sake of your health. Here I suggest you choose the correct, scientific selection of weight loss!


Three strategies to teach you, makes you lose weight fast!

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Love clew: there are many ways to lose weight, if you hold a suitable for the most effective way to lose weight of its own, will let your weight loss effort, to share with you today is recognized as the most effective way to lose weight, the most rapid, is to lose weight you may wish to try……
A, Chen Cao
Nice day, get up early, doing about 20 minutes of calisthenics, do what exercises will do well, but have rules, not a fierce one stop, should be uniform. Not only can hearten spirit, but also can keep the posture of youth and slim figure.
Two, salt treatment
First, the suitable temperature of water soaked body, and then coarse salt coated with the upper and lower body, and then a little strength massage, so that heat the skin to appear red, so far. The general need to massage for 5-8 minutes, then in the 38 ℃ warm water for 20 minutes.
Three, walking
After 45 minutes, at a speed of 4.8 km per hour walk, calories consumed quickly, to remind you if 2-3 hours after a meal to walk again, better effect.

There are many ways to lose weight, choose the suitable weight loss method is the key! Hope is weight loss of friends, or want to lose friends continue to fuel! Hold on….


To keep healthy, you have to learn how to clean your liver

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Smoke lampblack machine is dirty, can be disassembled for cleaning; water purifier for a long time, the filter should be changed regularly……
But if your body is a problem, solve it is not so easy.
If our bodies to a car, then the lung like a car engine, allowing the body to get life by breathing oxygen fuel; liver and kidney is the oil filter, the timely removal of metabolic waste residue, prolong the service life of the engine; stomach like tank,We eat every day after roughing oral, advanced into the stomach and intestinal digestion and absorption; can be viewed as the automobile exhaust pipe, after the stomach "processing" of food into the intestines, two after treatment, and then discharged in vitro. However, like a car, if our visceral no There is a good maintenance, will make them dirty and even injured.
"In all organs, lung protection can be said to be the worst, most the wronged One organ." Experts point out that, smoking is the largest source of pollution in normal human lung, lung is red, smokers lung is completely blackened! "Nicotine, sulfur dioxide and other all inhalation Harmful substances, can be viewed as the attached dirt in the lung, lung is certainly one of the most dirty in all organs!" The second is the air pollution. Every breath you take may be floating particles, the harmful gas in vivo. Although lobectomy on arrangement of the tiny cilia can be a Some pollutants, bacteria to clean out. But if long time in air pollution, even the strong lungs, will not stand. In addition, basic necessities of life, four seasons people have effects on lung. Experts say: "if you do not pay attention to the possible cause bronchitis, asthma,Pulmonary tuberculosis, serious will also cause carcinogenesis."
Cleaning method: eat apples. America National Institute of health research shows, often eat apples people cough, phlegm were 33% less likely than not often eat people, this is because the inflammatory reaction in apple peel pectin and antioxidants can reduce the pulmonary.
The haze weather and travel less. If you want to go out best to wear a mask, to avoid at this time.
Drink plenty of water, do not smoke. If often in smoking environment, we must drink plenty of water, can accelerate the discharge of hazardous substances in vivo. Data shows, cause 80% of lung cancer is smoking tobacco, it is recommended that you do not.
Intestinal habitat of hundreds of millions of bacteria, for example, probiotics and pathogens, the former is the role of the flora balance, maintain intestinal health. But if the irregular diet, the human body resistance to decline, the bacteria will change for the pathogen, causing diarrhea, gastric ulcer And other diseases. And often burp, fart, abdominal distension and smelly phenomenon, is in the stomach "dirty".
"Especially in the large intestine, itself is a dirty organ." Experts said, because the body of the ultimate metabolic waste, or stool will enter the large intestine. Especially on the constipation of the people, stool in a variety of toxins will be repeated intestinal absorption, to the body through the blood circulation Parts, resulting in dark complexion, rough skin, pores, acne.
Cleaning method: the most important thing is to maintain intestinal smooth. For example, eat apples, bananas and other fruit, the staple food should not be too fine, eat more roughage; when you travel, easy to constipation, you can drink a little honey; work pressure, sedentary can also cause constipation, so the best day All the exercise, maintain good mood.
The stomach
The stomach is called Helicobacter pylori bacteria, unclean diet is the main source of it, about 50% of the world’s stomach has the bacterial reproduction. Most of gastric cancer, gastritis, gastric ulcer patients have the existence of Helicobacter pylori. Most people who are infected with no What symptom, but 10% – 15% of infected persons will have gastric ulcer.
Cleaning method: do not stay up all night, maintaining a good mood. When the mental stress, excessive fatigue, poor mood, will make the stomach acid secretion, acid regurgitation, heartburn, water will have nausea and discomfort. In addition, to eat too sweet, salty, spicy, sour, cold, hot food.
The appendix in the initial part of the large intestine, like a dead end is separated. Therefore, some turd, bezoars in tough it out, intestinal bacteria multiply more easily, so that the secondary infection, cause inflammation. Can say E. how dirty, appendix is dirty, very To a deeper degree!
Cleaning method with intestinal.
The liver is the detoxification of the body’s largest organ, is also the largest gland. The expert points out, the liver is like a chemical plant, in addition to the decomposition of ingested alcohol, there are at least 250 functions. It has a major blood vessel leading to bowel, metabolism will not easily absorbed in the gut Back to the liver substance "detoxification". If you often drink or mouth, even a drink, decomposition can not keep up the pace, it may cause alcohol poisoning.
With the exception of alcohol, binge eating, eat too much greasy diet will make the liver becomes very "dirty". "For example, lead to excessive fat deposition in your liver, liver function damage, fatty liver is the most typical case." Experts say.
Cleaning method: 10 minutes of exercise a day. A study published in the Journal of "liver" on 2009 pointed out, 10 minutes of exercise a day, can guarantee the best working state of liver.
Drink slower, preferably with a small. Study on alcohol research group American Public Health Research Institute found, even drinking frequency, if drink, with large cup, drink more total.
Eat regularly. Three meals a day to eat, eat less fat, high sugar content of food.
Maintain a happy mood. Chinese medicine, liver or sparsely evil yu. To the liver strong, first of all to adjust mood, optimistic, cheerful.
Gallbladder bile with storage function, to help digest fat, can also absorb the moisture, so that the essence of material plays the greatest role.
Love to eat meat, sedentary habits easy to produce waste — gallbladder gallstones, the most common are cholesterol stones and pigment stones, the former is easy to form the material as hard as stone, while the latter is sand like, associated with bile duct invasion of bacteria "dirt".
Cleaning method: eat high fiber foods, such as celery, corn, sweet potato and so. Eat animal offal, egg yolk cholesterol rich foods.
Little more than sit activities. Otherwise easily lead to abdominal wall relaxation, visceral ptosis, a long time will oppress the bile duct, bile excretion poor, deposition and the formation of stones.
Then before and after wash hands. Intestinal infection, some bacteria, parasites will migrate into the bile duct, gallbladder, causing stone.
The kidney
"Kidney is the main function of excretion and secretion." Experts say, once the renal problems, will lead to poor drainage, toxins can not come out, then the excess water and toxins accumulated on general health have influence, generate the corresponding symptoms, called uremia, performance Nausea and vomiting, flustered shortness of breath, and even life-threatening.
Cleaning method: eat less salt, drink plenty of water. Dietary salt in 95% by renal metabolism, eating too much salt can make the burden of kidney. Develop the habit of drinking water can not only prevent kidney stones, but also conducive to the urine became pale, thereby protecting the kidney.
A cup of Orange Juice, can enhance urinary citrate levels, reducing calculus probability.
Do not take medicine in disorder. The expert points out, the five major causes of uremia nephritis, diabetes, hypertension, is polycystic kidney disease and medication.

In addition, there is an easily overlooked "hygiene", that is the pancreas. It is located in the upper abdomen, is the second large digestive gland, liver, spleen and stomach and duodenum and adjacent. The pancreas is small, but closely related and life. In recent years, our country pancreatitis incidence is rising Trend, the expert points out, the most prominent manifestation of acute pancreatitis is pain, nausea, vomiting, jaundice, severe and even fatal. It is advisable to drink less, not overeating, to avoid injury.


Milk egg law reducing weight 65.9 kg

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The morning had weighed 65.9 kilograms.
The two day the apple milk diet effect is not great, because there is no absolutely insist because of it.
But still have the effect of, stick to it.
Today's plan is to milk, egg weight loss method.
Breakfast is a Boiled Egg, a carton of milk
At noon a Boiled Egg, a carton of milk
Afternoon, an orange, an apple

Dinner two Boiled Egg half a bowl of chicken soup, mushrooms (feel shy, and eat more!)


I’ve Noticed That January Jones Always Does This Thing in the Back of Her Hair

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That's right, because it's my job as a beauty blogger to pay attention to these sorts of things, I've noticed that January Jones always takes one little extra step when she wears her hair in a bun or ponytail. Here's an example from yesterday.

As you can see, January puts little clips on the underside of her hair, presumably to keep shorter sections from falling loose and messing up the hairstyle's sleek effect. She even matches the clips to her blond hair.

It's weird that, even when my hair was bob-length, I never found that I needed to reinforce the underside of my bun/ponytail this way. Do you ladies find that you're using clips like this? How many of you usually add clips under your bun or pony?


Fitness- and Yoga-Themed Vacations Perfect for Single Girls Who Need to Get Away

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Sometimes a girl just needs to get away. If you're craving an escape but don't have a travel partner, a fitness- or yoga-themed retreat can be the perfect option. We asked travel concierge Lia Batkin, founder of In the Know Experiences, to share some getaway ideas for girls traveling alone.

Big Sky Yoga Retreats Bozeman, Montana
"It's women-only so that you can really focus on you and the program and not worry about your appearance. It is also in such a beautiful, unique location that combines sun salutations with snow-capped peaks, mountain meadows, and glacial lakes," says Batkin.
Parrot Cay Yoga Retreat Turks & Caicos
"Being on a private island definitely makes this property luxurious. It is also one of the most sought-after destinations in the Caribbean to visit for celebrities and high-powered executives because of its amazing beauty and fantastic service throughout the entire property."
Canyon Ranch Miami
"You have South Beach a 15-minute drive away any time you want some amazing shopping or a leisurely lunch at the Raleigh, but then you retreat back to your hotel (which has the largest spa in Florida—70,000 square feet of fitness and spa services). The amazing daily fitness classes ensure you can spend a week there and never get tired of working out four times a day."
Miraval Resort Tucson, Arizona
"Golf, tennis, outdoor adventures, horseback riding, exercise classes, cardio drumming, challenge courses…the list goes on. The hotel is all-inclusive, which makes it so easy to indulge in as many activities/classes as you like."
Bikini Bootcamp Tulum, Mexico
"This is an eco-friendly resort that provides no electricity or Wi-Fi, allowing you to completely focus on the task at hand, which is getting fit. The food is absolutely delicious and can be tailored to any diet."
…and a few more fitness-friendly resorts we've heard about:
The BodyHoliday Saint Lucia
This all-inclusive health-and-wellness resort offers special programs around the holidays to help avoid (or work off) those extra Thanksgivvukah calories. You'll get cooking and nutrition classes, yoga, meditation, and all sorts of beachfront workout classes.
Gansevoort Turks + Caicos
The in-house Exhale Spa offers everything from relaxing yoga to challenging Core Fusion classes. Look out for fitness-included packages all year round.


Is Facebook the New Model For Health Record Systems?

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What if accessing, sharing and linking medical records between multiple physicians and patients could be made as easy as posting your status on social media? Melissa McCormack, a writer who reviews electronic health records for Software Advice, says she thinks patient information should be shared in a Facebook-like fashion, and she makes a pretty convincing case for it.

This week, Facebook celebrated a milestone birthday. For 10 years, users have been logging in to the uber-popular social media site to connect, discuss current events and post pictures of puppies, babies and what they had for breakfast. Facebook's international reach has allowed adopted children find their birth parents and a multitude of other examples regarding the site's vast connectivity options. If Grandma from London can view and "like" a video of her grandson winning the school spelling bee in Iowa, why can't I look at an x-ray from my outpatient surgery in 2008 without having to make a phone call, sit on hold, sign a waiver and wait for a nurse to send an email or worse, require me to drive to the office?
McCormack suggests her Facebook model is a great way to, "unify single patient records." Here's a quick tutorial of how this, "cross-culture" record system would work:
  • About: Includes biographical information and patient medical history including name, height, weight, smoking history, current medications, etc.
  • Privacy Settings: Users could choose who can see medical information. This would allow elderly parents and older children who are still on their parents insurance coverage to give access to caregivers and parents who need to see vital information.
  • Status Updates: This area would be used by physicians, specialists, nurses and the patient to discuss new medications, diagnoses and treatments.
  • Photos: X-ray pictures, MRI images and CT scan results can be catalogued and dated here for quick review and future archival.
  • Tagging: Allows physicians to alert specialists and other patient-related individuals to a particular picture or update.
  • Notifications:  Alerts the patient about important information including potential drug interaction, future medical visits, etc.
  • Events: Used to schedule upcoming doctors visits.

McCormack's idea for a timeline medical record system is forward-thinking. Hopefully software companies will take her lead and create what she calls a, "patient-centric" system that offers an incentive for doctor's offices to use it. If easing the burden on patients is not a deciding factor, maybe helping their bottom line will be.


6 Dos and Don’ts of Visiting the Dog Park

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Social niceties even extend to your pets, and there is dog park etiquette everyone who uses them should know. Dog parks should be safe, friendly places which your darling woofer should be able to enjoy. Unfortunately, human and human-led behavior can spoil things and make you want to avoid them more than frequent them. Here's how to be a responsible owner by knowing your dog park etiquette.

1. Do: Pick up Your Dog Mess

This one is at the top of the list of dog park etiquette rules and tips because it is obvious and part of being a good human being and a responsible dog owner. The nasty effects the stuff has on the environment and the danger it poses to kids is more than enough reason to pick it up.

2. DON'T: Let Kids Touch Your Dog if You Are Not 100% Confident

You know from experience if your dog has ever nipped or bitten you in the past. You know if the dog has growled when someone pulls his or her tail or when kids are around. Your dog is only a few generations away from a wild animal when compared with us. A child cannot possibly know the danger that even a small dog poses for death and personal injury. You will go to jail if your dog causes harm to a child, especially if that child is scarred.

3. Do: Your Dog Should Be on a Leash if It Attacks Other Dogs

Some people have temperamental dogs that are fine with some but not with all. If your dog is like this then you should have him or her on a leash because there is nothing worse than the upset of two dogs fighting in a dog park.

4. DON'T: Take Your Dog if It Has Not Been Vaccinated

It is for your dog's health and the health of other dogs. If you ever feel like a cry then look up how damaging some dog illnesses are to your furry friend. It is really not worth the risk.

5. Do: Supervise Your Dog at All Times

This is especially true when it comes to dog park etiquette because there are lots of things your dog can get up to, from stealing a child's ham sandwich to humping another dog when your back is turned. An unsupervised dog may do anything from run away to bring you back a dead squirrel to play catch with.

6. DON'T: Let Your Dogs Work It out

Other dogs get aggressive and some people think it is okay to let two dogs squaring up to each other work it out on their own, but this is never the thing to do. Ideally, you should separate the dogs, and if you are trying to introduce two dogs, then both owners should have the dogs on a leash and be ready to pull them away at the first sight of a fang. Dogs are far better killers than people are aware of.


Do 10 Core Exercises That Are Far Better Than Crunches

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Crunches have actually been proven to be one of the least effective ab exercises for you, so it's time to take them out of your workout. Of course, that doesn't mean your abs are going to be ignored, but you'll use even more effective movements to help you turn that flab into abs.
Here are exercises that are far better for you than crunches:
1. Rotational Side Plank
Want to take it to the next level? Try this exercise, which focuses on your obliques while setting your ab muscles on fire. It's not for the faint of heart, but it's guaranteed to be far more effective than crunches.
2. Breakdancer
Take your plank to the next level by doing the Breakdancer. Your upper body never moves, but the shifting of your feet places an amazing strain on your abs. It's an ab blaster that works like a charm.
3. Kettlebell Hot Potato Squat
Squat, throw the kettlebell into the air, and balance all the while. It may sound like child's play, but it's an exercise that is guaranteed to have your core burning and shaking. Just be careful–throwing a weight into the air can be dangerous once you tire.
4. Three Point Core Touch
Talk about a core challenge! This is an incredibly difficult exercise that is not for the faint of heart, but it's amazing for toning your core, stretching your groin and increasing lower body flexibility.
5. Single Arm Overhead Press
Work out your core while shredding those shoulder muscles. Just using one dumbbell instead of two will throw off your balance, which forces your core to stay tight to compensate. It's great for your abs and side muscles.
6. Farmer's Walk
This is an oddly effective exercise. You do nothing more than grip two dumbbells by your side and walk. Sounds silly, but your  core has to stabilize your upper body with each step you take. It's guaranteed to burn in no time.
7. Plank
Sticking with the basics can work well. If you're a newbie, all the fancy exercises above may just be too tough for you. The plank is a great exercise that is simple and static so there's little risk of injury. Plus, there are awesome variations to make it tougher once you get the hang of it.
8. Swiss Ball Jackknife
Using a Swiss/exercise ball can make this exercise very intense, and you'll find your arms and shoulders are soon shaking along with your core.
9. Kettlebell Juggler
The faster you go, the better it will be! This one works not just your abs, but your entire core as well. It's even great for a lower body workout, and it definitely deserves its place in your workout.
10. Skier Swing
Do this exercise with a pair of kettlebells or dumbbells, but go easy! It can cause back injuries if you swing too much, so make sure to keep your form tight as you swing those arms like a skier.


7 Unique Ways to Add Color to Your Lips

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Recently as a guest star on Queen Latifah's show, Shailene Woodley revealed some of her beauty DIY secrets, which included ways to add color to your lips naturally and even make homemade toothpaste. The Fault in Our Star's actress is known for her passion for the environment and eco-friendly products, so I was inspired by some of her unique ways of adding lip color without actually purchasing any products. Let's take a look at easy ways to add color to your lips provided by the actress and other ingenious minds.
1. Kool-Aid

One of the easiest ways to add color to your lips is to use one of your favorite childhood drinks. Don't worry you haven't grown out of using Kool-Aid just yet! Just pick a flavor of Kool-Aid which achieves the desired color, dampen your finger and dip it into the powder. Then gently spread it over your lips, making sure to smooth out any clumps and uneven edges and voila! Healthy and natural lip color that will surely last. Just try not to lick it off immediately!

2. Beetroot

If you want to achieve Shailene Woodley's natural lip color that she often sports even on red carpets, all you need are beets. Just roast them for 30-50 minutes, let them cool down and then rub them on your lips! It's as easy as that, plus you can top it off with any lip balm for extra moisture.
3. Cranberry

Why get the cranberry flavored lip products when you can use the real thing? The color pay-off and the stay on power are just the same! Plus they say that women swallow about four pounds of lipstick in their lifetime. Wouldn't you rather lick cranberry juice off your lips so that at least you know what you are eating?

4. Cherries

If you ever catch yourself snacking on cherries, try to multi-task and simultaneously freshen up your look! Rub a little bit on your lips and the juice from the cherries will effectively add more life to your overall appearance. You can even mix the cherry juice with beeswax or petroleum jelly for a much glossier look.

5. Pomegranate

Oh, we all know just how badly pomegranate can stain, so why not use it as a long-lasting and natural lip product? You don't even have to go through the arduous task of seeding the pomegranate, you just need to get your hands on any pomegranate juice and that should do the trick. However be warned that juices have a much lighter effect than real fruits.

6. Food Dye

Food dye works extremely well as a no cost lip stain, but it can be very pigmented and messy if applied directly to the lips. This is why it is recommended to use a Q-tip to apply the color on evenly and layer it on until you have reached the desired intensity. To finish it off, just rub your lips together so you can even out the color and you are ready to go!

7. Blackberries

If you want a deeper red with almost a purple tint, try out blackberries as your natural lip stain. You can even use the soggy blackberries that you wouldn't normally eat for this purpose. All you need to do is mash the blackberries together and add a small amount of olive oil for a more viscous texture. Then apply the mixture on with your fingers or a Q-tip and that's it!

There is no need to buy expensive lip products that contain ingredients that can potentially be harmful to your body, when you can find natural lip stains for a much lower cost. Just take a look at your fridge and I am sure you will find something that will add more color to your lips! How do you achieve a natural lip color without the store-bought products?