Why We Recommend You To Replace Your Tobacco With E-cigaretets

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Those claiming that e-cigarettes are of no harm to health does not want to face the reality. We have to admitted that e-cigarettes are harmful. It also contains nicotine Then, why should we encourage people to replace their tobacco with e-cigarettes?  The reason is that it is less unlike for our body to take in the nicotine in the oil than those contained in the tobacco products. 


How To Deal With Stress

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Nowadays, many people are under great pressure. It seems no one can avoid this. Competition is everywhere, and so does pressure. Since we can not change the situation, we have learn to adjust ourselves to it. Here I have some tips for you to reduce pressure. Sometimes, they do work.

1. Writing down all the unhappy things and throw them away
2. Jogging while listening to some soft music.
3. Travelling
4. Talking with a friend
5. Treat Yourself a delicious meal or a exquisite gift

These are my personal advice. I'm sure you all have your own ways of solving stress.