Kanger Subtank Mini Review

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As a new person has just stepped into the field of electronic cigarettes, I am hardly known anything about electronic cigarettes at first and even have some repulsion in my heart because I always think that electronic cigarette is also a terrible thing. Later, slowly understand, it was found that electronic cigarette is not just a smoking tool, but also represents a culture.

My first contact with the electronic cigarette is the series of Kanger subtank atomizer. Kanger's electronic cigarette has an elegant design, stable quality, large amount of smoke and easy to use like their K-Pin vape pen kit, perfect for vapers of every stages. For girls, whether it is the appearance or use, are very attractive. Mini and Nano have a preference for bright red lead to a feeling of excitement and enthusiasm. The package is also very strict and meticulous, including a warning card(You must drop a few drops of oil wetting before using OCC core atomization, otherwise it will dry) , a security card and a small manual.

Considerate Thought
Unlike ordinary products, which rigidly determine the setting and use of the product, Kanger leaves the right of choice to the customer. Mini is equipped with two cores, RBA and OCC, which are more attractive to users who like DIY and pursue large amounts of smoke. Mini is configured an extra glass tube and rubber gasket and reserves a organic cotton for core RBA; core OCC is also equipped with two choices of 0.5ohm and 1.2ohm.

I have to say that it is considerate that Kanger consider every customer's preference as much as possible.

High-quality Cotton
The organic cotton imported from Japanese MUJI brings a greater oil conductivity and cleaner texture than alcohol cotton. This is another feature of Mini. During the growing period of organic cotton, no bleach is used, and the characteristics of the colorant make the organic cotton more pure and safer. MUJI’s cosmetic cotton has a strong permeability to meet the demand for electronic cigarette oil guide better.

No matter how the market for electronic cigarettes has changed, Kanger has been working hard to innovate, maintain quality. Looking forward to its better products in the future.