What Will You Get from Joyetech eVic Primo Fit Kit with Exceed Air Plus

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Joyetech is my first brand of e-cigarettes. This is also the brand that e-cigarettes have emerged in the early days. So for Joyetech's products, it only looks cool, I will buy it, because I never worry about the taste it brings. Well, today's eVic Primo Fit is one of my choices. This is a simple but very mysterious vape kit, especially its glass tube.

Joyetech eVic Primo Fit Kit with Exceed Air Plus

What will you get from it?

The eVic Primo Fit Kit has a built-in 2800mAh battery and adjusts power to 1W-80W. It uses a flat glass tube, but it can have a capacity of 3ml. So apart from these, what does this product bring us? I think you need to know what’s in the Joyetech eVic Primo Fit Kit package:

1. Joyetech eVic Primo Fit 2800mAh 80W TC Box Mod (this is a 2800mAh powered device that can achieve a maximum output power of 80W)
2. Joyetech EXCEED Air Plus Atomizer with 3.0ml Capacity (This product has a 3ml capacity, with a cellular drip tip, making it look more wild)
3. EX 0.5ohm DL. Head (especially for coils like DL vaping friends, it has 0.5 ohm resistance. DL (direct lung))
4. EX 1.2ohm MTL. Head (this coil has a 1.2ohm resistance. If you prefer the use of cigarettes, you can use this coil)
5. Spare Glass Tube (this is a spare glass tube. If the pre-installed glass tube is accidentally damaged, we can replace it ourselves)
6. Two Manuals (Please read carefully before use. This includes the eVic Primo Fit user manual and the Exceed Air Plus user manual.)
7. Warranty Card (just the warranty certificate for this device, please keep it)
8. 2 Warning Cards (use correctly as instructed)
9. Spare parts (including atomizer seals, etc.)

Joyetech eVic Primo Fit Kit package


2018 Best Starter Kit | SMOK Mag Baby E-cigarette Kit

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In 2018 SMOK introduced a lot of feature-rich e-cigarettes. For every vapor chaser, this brand is very familiar to everyone. So what I want to share with you today is a Starter Kit from SMOK, Mag Baby E-cigarette Kit. Will it bring any new surprises?

What is Mag Baby E-cigarette Kit? Mag Baby uses a 1600mAh internal battery for energy to bring an ultra-portable size. We can easily take it in our hands and take it wherever we want. It comes with two adjustment buttons that allow us to adjust our desired output power. Of course, it has a maximum output of 50W, it can well meet beginner's vaping requirements. The TFV12 Baby Prince tank is the best gift that SMOK can give to beginner. It not only has an extraordinary taste but also brings a tremendous vapor. If you are interested in vapor performances, this product can lead you into vapor world. Now that Cloumix is doing special promotions, I think this will be the best time to buy!

2018 Best Starter Kit SMOK Mag Baby E-cigarette Kit


Take A Minute to Understand What is Lexicon with ELLO Duro

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Lexicon with ELLO Duro Kit is a new product launched by Eleaf. The biggest highlight of this product is the design of the product. There are different shapes of LED lights around the fuselage, even if the fire button is the same. Lexicon with ELLO Duro is not only very popular in appearance, it's the same experience that we can use. Before you buy, we need to know the Lexicon with ELLO Duro Details first. Lexicon with ELLO Duro has a maximum output of 235W and can accommodate two 18650 batteries. It comes with an ELLO Duro Atomizer with a simpler refill system that simply pushes on the top cup to see the fill port. This product contains a HW-N 0.2ohm Head, and HW-M 0.15ohm Head. We can freely control the output we want through two adjustment buttons. ELLO Duro has 6.5ml and 2ml capacity options. If you like RDA Vaping, Lexicon can also meet your needs. It can be used with 0.05Ω-3.0Ωcoil, so you have more fun. So this is Lexicon with ELLO Duro. What do you think?

Lexicon with ELLO Duro Details


LUXOTIC NC, you should understand?

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What are you focusing on recently? Movies, music, or stars, of course, it's all about life. So if you're interested in knowing the latest vape kit, then start with the Wismec LUXOTIC NC with Guillotine V2 Kit.
Wismec LUXOTIC NC with Guillotine V2 Kit

Wismec LUXOTIC NC with Guillotine V2 Kit is a product that has recently been sold very well by a certain brand. Once it was put into the market, it was popular among the e-cigarette enthusiasts.

Below, I will do my best to describe what features of the WiSMec LUXOTIC NC with Guillotine V2 Kit for you to better understand the WiSMec LUXOTIC NC with Guillotine V2 Kit.

1. Brand: Wismec
2. Color: green resin and red resin
3. Battery: 18650 Type and 20700 Type
4. System: multiple (voltage, circuit, temperature, nebulizer)
5. Reliability: Security
6. Operation: Simple
7. Price: Affordable, less than $100

I believe that through the above introduction, you must have a clear understanding of the features of the WiSMec LUXOTIC NC with Guillotine V2 Kit. If you have any doubts or you are curious about this product, welcome to the details of the WiSMec LUXOTIC NC with Guillotine V2 Kit. Pages to view, while the home page also has a lot of popular text for you to read, if you are interested, you act quickly.