The Innovative Pod Kit -- Falcons Kit

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The Pod kits now is the most popular vape devices as most smokers use it as the alternative for cigs. The box mod or kit is usually from hobby or collection. The Pod kit is the consumer goods with a large market and high profit, as more and more people incline to vape instead of smoking. The Pod kit market is important for manufacturers. To make the products outstanding, Teslacigs releases the Falcons kit which is different from the most pod kits on the market.

If you visit the official site, you must have found that there are four different tanks for the Falcons mod. Here, I am going to share you the Falcons and pod one kit. The Pod one comes in a nipple shape. Different from most pre-made on the market, the pod one is a finished cartridge. When the coils are no longer for vaping, you can change the whole cartridge instead of the only the coil.

With the mod is a skin-like painting, Falcons has a size in 75*26*32.5mm. It would be one of the devices for vaping on the go which is comfortable in hands. With built-in 2000mAh, it supports long-lasting vaping for that the resistance of Pod one is only 1 ohm. On the face panel, there is a long LED light for indicator with different colors and twinkle methods. There are three features for the fire button for turning on/off and fire.
The air-in hole for the pod one is small and in-adjustable. There are three holes with two rows on the bottom supply the medium and smooth resistance. From the site, the 12-50mg Nic-Salt recommended. From the drip tip diameter and chamber length, we can also get that the pod one is an MTL tank for high MG Nic-Salt.

The capacity for the tank is 2ML. It is hard for consumer 2ML high MG Nic-salt. There is a slot between the cartridge and base deck. Inserting the cartridge, you can start vaping without adjusting the air-in holes. It needs no knowledge of it.

You can start vaping after a few minutes filling the juice. If we judge the complication on a tank, the Falcons is simpler than 90% of the products on the market. The long chamber effectively reduces the shock to the throat when vaping with high Nic-Salt. With long-vaping, the hallowed part on the drip tip, it would have the condensation. You can use paper to clean it.

The tank is a little bigger than another pod kit with an MTL vaping experience. The falcons is a small and easy to use kit. Another advantage of the kit is battery lasts. Based on the 1.0ohm, the 2000mAh supports three days vaping without charging. It is nearly hard to find shortcomings. For the price and where to order it, click here.